dragon ball super chap 88 granola

Dragon Ball Super: Manga Chapter 88

Sūpā Hiirō Tanjō
A/The Super Hero(es) Is/Are Born

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Release Information:

Date: December 21, 2022
Publication: V-Jump, February 2023 Issue
Cost: ¥620

(V-Jump is forward-dated two months from its actual release window. Issues are generally released on the 21st of each month, barring a Sunday or a holiday, in which case the issue gets moved up a day appropriately.)

Date: December trăng tròn, 2021 (timed to lớn the JP midnight-on-December-21st release)
Publication: Digital (Viz/Shonen Jump + Manga Plus)
Cost: Free

The "Weekly Dragon Ball News" segment posted on the Dragon Ball Official Website on 12 December 2022 featured Victory Uchida (Shueisha employee/mascot, and editor for the Dragon Ball Super manga working alongside Toyotaro and Akira Toriyama) displaying a tease for the upcoming drafts on screen, which will (tentatively) be shared on December 14.


The first several pages of any given chapter's roughs/storyboards/drafts have been posted on the official Dragon Ball trang web for quite some time now (in all likelihood done in an attempt to lớn combat piracy and control the narrative by releasing teases of specific information and context at their own discretion). The drafts for Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 88 were posted on December 14 (Japan time). As these specific articles are generally removed from the trang web upon the chapter's formal release, archived versions of these links (such as this) are generally shared by fandom.




This is the "official" discussion thread for Dragon Ball Super manga chapter 88. All nội dung regarding this specific chapter would be great to lớn include here in this thread, rather kêu ca the dedicated / larger / all-encompassing ongoing thread. Posts that are specific to lớn the individual chapter in the gigantic thread with no relevance to lớn the larger series will be reported and/or removed.

Q: When will this thread open?

A: This thread will be opened by a Kanzenshuu moderator when the first official promotion of the respective chapter occurs. This may be when its storyboards are shared, or in some kind of formal news article leading up to lớn that point. Please tự not create a separate thread of your own to lớn discuss this chapter.

Q: What is the history behind a [blank]-specific discussion thread?

A: We established episode-specific discussion threads beginning with Dragon Ball Kai in 2011, followed by the Dragon Ball Super television series in năm ngoái. These episode-specific threads allowed people to lớn discuss just that: those specific episodes, without being interrupted by other discussions regarding general production, promotion, etc. We didn't create corresponding Dragon Ball Super manga chapter threads at its debut due to lớn the nature of its production: it was initially billed as a "comicalization" of the television series, and the first arc barely stood on its own as a unique production, rather kêu ca supplemental/incidental/disposable. We had kept the larger thread out of inertia from those earlier chapters, and have wavered for literal years over whether or not to lớn separate them out.

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Q: We've had worthwhile individual chapters since chapter five. This is absurd. Why are you just starting individual discussion threads so sánh many years into the manga, when the TV series had it from the start?

A: All of that is correct. Maybe we will go back and pull out threads for past chapters. Maybe we won't. We should have done this a long time ago. Better late kêu ca never. This is the plan for now on and is not currently up for discussion or reconsideration. Thank you.

Q: OK, but... so sánh what's the point?

A: At Kanzenshuu we believe in history and preservation. It is worthwhile to lớn future versions of ourselves and entirely new future fans to lớn be able to lớn dig back and find real-time reactions to lớn specific productions (such as a specific episode or chapter). It's much easier to lớn tự this when the discussions are separated into these unique threads.

Q: When will new threads be created?

A: Threads for new/upcoming manga chapters will be created by a Kanzenshuu administrator at an appropriate point in time following the release of a previous chapter, and ahead of that next chapter's release schedule (which itself includes the official drafts/storyboards).

Q: OK, so sánh what tự you expect us to lớn actually discuss in a chapter thread, particularly ahead of its release?

A: For some time now, Shueisha (in all likelihood to lớn combat "leaks" and illegal piracy) has released "draft" pages of upcoming chapters in the two weeks leading up to lớn any given chapter's release. These are official pieces of information dissemination and absolutely up for discussion. We welcome questions about where and how to lớn legally and officially consume the manga. We tự not condone nor allow the discussion or encouragement of piracy. Following a chapter's release, of course anything relating to lớn that chapter and its contents are up for discussion in a specific thread.

Q: What kinds of "sources" can we discuss?

A: You can discuss whatever you want, so sánh long as it lives up to lớn the community guidelines. It is recommended that you links to lớn / discuss actual sources of information, rather kêu ca second-hand accounts. Twitter and its users are not "sources" of information. Shueisha has its own official Dragon Ball trang web and weekly news broadcast on YouTube, which will in all likelihood be your actual primary sources of information leading up to lớn a chapter's release.

Q: What if I have something to lớn say about another chapter that's not this chapter?

A: Is what you have to lớn say/ask/post even tangentially related to lớn this chapter? That's fine. Does it have absolutely nothing to lớn tự with this chapter? Post it elsewhere. These chapter-specific threads tự not automatically close after a new chapter comes out; you are không tính tiền to lớn keep discussing a specific chapter for as long as you all feel lượt thích talking about it.

Q: So what tự we tự with the big/main thread?

A: The dedicated / larger / all-encompassing ongoing thread is still perfect for overall/holistic discussion regarding the manga, its production, its promotion, its nội dung relation to lớn other parts of the franchise, etc.

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Q: I want to lớn learn more about what's going on with this manga's production!

A: Check out Episode #0489 of our podcast for an extreme deep-dive (with all the receipts you can eat!) into the production of the manga, including all of the ways that Toyotaro, Akira Toriyama, and Victory Uchida each individually contribute to lớn it.

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