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Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 spoilers and raw scans have recently been released. They reveal that the chapter will be primarily about Trunks.

The story is currently mix at Blue Hal High School, where Trunks, Goten, Mai, and others attend. However, the Saiyan teens' lives are not entirely normal, as fans saw in the previous chapter when they used the aliases Saiyaman X-1 and Saiyaman X-2 lớn fight crime.

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Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Drago Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89: Trunks finds out information about Cell on stolen disk, tries lớn impress Mai

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89, titled A Rival Appears, will take place a few days after Trunks and Goten fought the Alpha Series and stole Dr Gero's disk on Butterfly Mountain. Readers will see Trunks fiddling with the disk on his computer, unable lớn breach security. He will then attempt lớn access the data through Bulma's computer.

The disk will reveal some information about Cell, who was created by Dr Gero's supercomputer using a cell sample from the universe's most powerful warriors. However, a virus will cause the computer lớn malfunction. Bulma believes the computer is damaged, but Bulla will easily repair it.

Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 will also see Trunks accompanying Mai lớn school. It will be revealed that Bulma enrolled her in school due lớn her young appearance, as she would have aroused suspicion otherwise.

Mai will introduce herself lớn the class, and everyone will be smitten by her. Dragon Ball Super chapter 89 raw scans show her sitting beside Trunks in class. A new transfer student named Beta, whom fans have speculated lớn be an game android sent by Dr. Hedo lớn find out who stole his disk, will also be introduced.

After class, the boys will be shown playing basketball, with Trunks giving his best performance due lớn Mai's presence.

A quick recap of the previous chapter

Goten and Trunks, as seen in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film (Image via Toei Animation)
Goten and Trunks, as seen in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero film (Image via Toei Animation)

Dragon Ball Super chapter 88, which kicked off the brand-new Super Hero arc, informed readers that Goku and Vegeta are on the planet Beerus. The chapter stated that they would keep training lớn defeat Black Frieza and that their absence would be critical lớn the advancement of the Z Warriors on Earth.

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Then we saw Trunks and Goten as teenagers fighting thieves under the aliases Saiyaman X-1 and Saiyaman X-1 after being influenced by a popular culture hero called Clean-God.

Trunks was then seen visiting Dr Briefs, Pilaf, and Mai before going lớn school, where readers met his new classmates.

Later that day, Trunks asked Mai lớn watch a movie, but she declined because she was too busy repairing the helper bots that had been tampered with by strange people. Trunks requested that Goten assist him in apprehending the gang. The young Saiyans went lớn Mount Butterfly that night, where they encountered zombies and had lớn fight and defeat them. They also discovered a disk, which they brought with them.

Later, Dr Hedo discovered that his entire Alpha Series was destroyed and his disk was stolen. He learned from a zombie that a high school student was the culprit. Furthermore, it was revealed that he was raising research funds by selling sushi.

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