i tamed my ex husband's mad dog

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Characters from I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog include:

Reinhardt Delphina Linke[]

I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog Reinhardt Delphina Linke

The female protagonist of this work. She was 39 years old before her return, and while preparing for her revenge, she caught a cold and died without taking care of herself. Due to tướng stabbing Mikael's leg, the Linke family's rights were deprived and she is banished to tướng the periphery of the realm. Thus she begins using her mother's maiden name "Delphina". She sharpened her blade from her previous life to tướng avenge her death by sending her father into a war that she herself was supposed to tướng be fighting. Thinking that her return was her opportunity given by her father, she took it into her own hands and named 16-year-old Wilhelm and raised him as her own knight. She has a large age gap with Wilhelm, and because of his childlike appearance and behavior, she treats him lượt thích a child. She is a tall beauty in blonde gold, with her honeyed táo khuyết pie eyes her father nicknames her 'Apple Pie'. She just doesn't care much about her appearance because her own appearance has never had a big impact on her life. As an aside, the writer's official father complex.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Wilhelm Colonna[]

I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog Wilhelm Colonna

The male lead of this work, but considering the contents and narrative of the work, it is safe to tướng say that this is a pearl artificial. He is 8 years younger than vãn Reinhardt, currently 16 years old, and 28-29 years old at the kết thúc. He was 31 before regression. He is the emperor's illegitimate son and Michelle's half-sister. In the original return world, as Michel Alanquez's closest aide under the name of 'Bill Colonna', he gave absolute loyalty, brought the enemies of the Empire to tướng their knees, and brought vast territories. made a contribution She was also a person with the title of 'Master of the Seven Holy Lands' that could be directly spoken by the emperor, and was also a person Reinhardt had to tướng kill for revenge. A fairly handsome man with Black hair and Black eyes, he knows that he is good-looking and uses it well (...) He has a scar on his right eyebrow and is quite tall.

After returning from the war, he trades bloodline for Reinhardt and uses a private soldier borrowed to tướng wage a land battle and put her in the position of the great lord. She follows Reinhardt to tướng the capital, where she reveals to tướng the emperor that he is her son and formally ascends to tướng the throne. In order to tướng avenge Reinhardt, he strategically seduces Dulcinea, the crown princess, and makes her kill her Michelle herself. The imprisoned Dulcinea also kills her, completing her own revenge. After that, he sits in the seat of the crown prince, which becomes vacant, and becomes the emperor in the second half.

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He actually regressed from her previous life with her Reinhardt, and is also the one who gave her a new life. He returned to tướng the age of 16, but became aware of that fact from the war against the barbarians. She has loved Reinhardt since her previous life, and went to tướng her Helka estate to tướng meet her.

In his previous life, he never received love, he literally lived a 'dog-like life'. To be miserable, it's on a level comparable to tướng most characters. Without parents or relatives, he was treated as a madman and wandered around as a beggar. At the age of 26, he met Michelle and Dulcinea by chance and entered the Imperial Knights, but he was gaslighted by them and lived the life of a dog on a leash. Michelle rolls Bill on the battlefield for his own gain and eventually vomits, and Dulcinea treats him as a sexual slave, sexually assaulting him, and giving birth to tướng a child. While living a life that could not be called a life in which no one treated him as a human being or laughed at him, he happened to tướng see a portrait of Reinhardt smiling in a warehouse and fell in love with him. Reinhardt is shocked to tướng hear that he would be better off tearing Michel apart, and Reinhardt is, in effect, the savior of Wilhelm's life. While dying from being vomited up by Michelle, she meets a dragon waiting for Amaryllis in the Fram Mountains, receives a gift of a new life from him, and returns to tướng 15 years ago with Reinhardt.

Reinhardt only has very strong masochist and submissive tendencies due to tướng Dulcinea's alteration of achievement orientation.[8] , is quite obsessed with her and blindly follows her. She wants her Reinhardt to tướng own her and pay attention only to tướng herself, and she is jealous of her children as well as the women around her. She doesn't lượt thích her children very much because of the trauma of her previous life, and she hates other women looking at her sexually, so sánh she wraps them up. What most people forget about because he intentionally acts lượt thích a child in front of Reinhardt, he is quite competent. He was more intelligent than vãn Michelle, and no one could beat him by force.Of course, there is nothing wrong with surprise.Being smart is largely influenced by the genetics of parents.

Among readers, there are many evaluations that it is worthy of the name 'Crazy Dog'. If you read the novel, you can see that this guy is really crazy, not just a bit ferocious. It is literally overflowing with madness, to tướng the point of turning mad dogs from other works into puppies for one day. Even in the work, descriptions likening him to tướng a dog often appear.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Dietrich Ernst[]

I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog Dietrich Ernst

Reinhardt's childhood friend and Rinke family knight, 26 years older than vãn Reinhardt by two years. I have one older brother.[1] After returning, he had a strong will to tướng the point of abandoning his family for Reinhardt, who was deprived of all rights and driven to tướng the periphery. He is very friendly with his big-hearted personality, and seems to tướng be good at talking.[2] He is also a very skilled knight in terms of martial arts, and at Luden, Reinhardt asked him to tướng teach swordsmanship to tướng his first pupil, Wilhelm. She was also Reinhardt's first love, and had a history of rejecting her marriage proposal. There are descriptions of her as being quite tall, and she is referred to tướng as a handsome man with brown hair and green eyes. In fact, the only normal position in the work.

I thought he died during the war with the barbarians... but he was actually alive.[3] will live on. This leads to tướng the fact that Reinhardt concealed the truth about his death and deliberately let Wilhelm die even though he could have been saved, and was greatly disappointed in this, leading to tướng the breakdown of their relationship. Even after losing his memory, he becomes a knight of the Linke family again, marries Rioni, who saved him, and lives happily while giving birth his two sons.

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Michel Alanquez[]

I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog Michel Alanquez

The crown prince of the empire. He is also Reinhardt's ex-husband. His age is estimated to tướng be about the same age as Reinhardt or about a year older than vãn him. Even though he is elevated to tướng the position of crown prince, he does not have the qualities of an emperor to tướng the extent that he is repeatedly evaluated as being stupid by those around him. As an only child with no siblings, as a result of being raised by the people around him, his personality is not very good and he is arrogant. He seems to tướng value his feelings more than vãn anything else. He has a very similar appearance to tướng the first emperor and his ancestor, Amaryllis, but unlike him, he is not good with his brain (...)

Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Dulcinea Canaria[]

I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog Dulcinea Canaria

A princess who came as a hostage from the Duchy of Canary at the age of 12, 4 years younger than vãn Michel and 4 years older than vãn Wilhelm. A pawn is an underdog in her position, and she has a submissive personality. For the sake of her country, she asks Mikael to tướng buy the principality's salt as a monopoly, but this results in a war that leads in the death of Reinhardt's father. Reinhardt ultimately sees this as Mikael's fault, so sánh he doesn't particularly hate Dulcinea, but she recognizes it as something worth to tướng be killed for. In her previous life, she married Mikael and she became the Crown Princess, and eventually rose to tướng the position of Empress.

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Tropes exhibited by this character include:

Castrea Alanquez[]

File:I Tamed My Ex-Husband's Mad Dog Castrea Alanquez.png

The queen and mother Mikael. When Wilhelm's mother was impregnated by the king, she ordered everyone from House Colonna to tướng be burned and killed.[32]

Tropes exhibited by this character include:


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  1. In the novel, it was mentioned that he had a younger sister, but she did not appear in particular, and in the webtoon, it was adapted and changed to tướng having only an older brother.
  2. Wilhelm never defeated Dietrich verbally. Until the kết thúc...
  3. This name seems to tướng have been given to tướng the first son afterwards.