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A Skosh (カンイチ Kan'ichi?) is the three hundred and eightieth chapter of Kohei Horikoshi's My Hero Academia.


Business Course students film the battle

The Business Course students film the battle.

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Gentle struggles vĩ đại hold onto the falling U.A., telling La Brava that his Elasticity has reached its limit while she is about vĩ đại finish up the program vĩ đại return the flight system. Gentle continues vĩ đại think about how he knows the one that just zipped right out of the structure was Deku, wondering if the boy placed his trust in him, or if he even realized he was there in the first place. He thinks how there's no cameras or audience this time, with no cheers for him, yet the joy being present still fills his heart.

However, he is surprised when he looks up at U.A. vĩ đại see the Business Course students filming away at him, narrating the current events. He calls out vĩ đại them about it being too dangerous and vĩ đại get inside, but they yell back that filming is their job; with nhật bản in ruins they believe they should've helped maintain better public relations and failed vĩ đại connect the Heroes and the people, which is their duty as Heroes of the Business Course.

Kurogiri saves Eraser Head and Present Mic

"Kurogiri" "saves" Eraser Head and Present Mic.

Just then, La Brava surprises the Business students by hacking into and taking control of their phones, causing Naomasa vĩ đại be confused at what she is planning. She reveals that she's already fixed the flight system and proceeds vĩ đại broadcast the phones' footage live across the mạng internet, declaring that she won't let Gentle's efforts go unseen. U.A. begins vĩ đại float in the sky once again, making it much lighter for Gentle vĩ đại hold again.

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Elsewhere on the observation deck, the Twice Doubles continue vĩ đại swarm intending vĩ đại kill every hero, while "Kurogiri" keeps rambling vĩ đại himself, confused at who he is the protector of, until he spots Eraser Head and Present Mic being knocked off the deck by the Doubles. Chargebolt calls out vĩ đại his teachers, when suddenly "Kurogiri" reappears beneath them, warping all three of them away. Chargebolt is surprised that he saved them, with Mandalay noting he also got rid of Erasure for good, telepathically telling everyone that all they can vì thế now is believe in Deku.

Meanwhile at the Gunga Mountains, All For One reveals that he was supposed vĩ đại have full control of Tomura's body toàn thân, and that the fusion and new personality weren't part of the original plan. His desire for destruction was stronger than thở he anticipated, but now all he has vĩ đại vì thế is get him vĩ đại absorb his Quirk Factor and he will be regain control once again, allowing the "Demon Lord" vĩ đại be complete. Hawks retorts back that it isn't his story, but theirs, and not his vĩ đại vì thế as he pleases, continuing vĩ đại swipe at him and prevent him from escaping.

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Shiketsu High joins the battle at Gunga

Shiketsu High returns!

All For One mocks that the winds are blowing his way, and seemingly kills Hawks by destroying his body toàn thân with a spatial distortion Quirk, shocking Tsukuyomi. But then suddenly, he is baffled as Hawks' face turns all "glittery" and simply fades away, revealing him vĩ đại be an illusion created by a just arriving Illus-o-Camie. Shishikross, who had just rescued Hawks in the illusion's place, reveals that the Shiketsu High School students were tasked with escorting the civilians evacuated at U.A. through the tunnels, but since they never showed up, they assumed something had gone wrong, ví they have arrived vĩ đại help. Gale Force unleashes a massive Whirlwind sucking up all the Twice Doubles, declaring he is the one who decides which way the wind blows.

Chapter Notes[]

  • La Brava successfully restarts U.A.'s flight system, preventing it from falling any further.
    • She also hacks into the phones of the Business Course students, who are currently filming the battle as posterity vĩ đại help repair relations between Heroes and the public, and begins broadcasting their feed over the mạng internet.
  • Eraser Head and Present Mic are knocked off the observation deck by the Twice Doubles, but are "saved" by "Kurogiri", who warps them all away.
  • All For One reveals his and Tomura's fusion was not intentional and that he just needs Tomura vĩ đại fully absorb his Quirk Factor for him vĩ đại take full control.
  • All For One seemingly kills Hawks, but it is actually an illusion created by Camie, who arrives alongside the rest of Shiketsu High vĩ đại provide assistance in the battle, with Seiji rescuing Hawks and Inasa sucking up the Twice Doubles.

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Appearances for Chapter 380
  • U.A. High School
  • Task Force HQ
  • Gunga Mountain Villa Ruins
  • Elasticity
  • Transform
    • Double
  • Warp Gate
  • Telepath
  • All For One
    • Unnamed Levitation Quirk
    • Unnamed Spatial Distortion Quirk
  • Rewind (via Rewind Drug)
  • Fierce Wings
  • Dark Shadow
  • Glamour
  • Meatball
  • Whirlwind
Ultimate Moves
  • Gently Super-Lover
  • Sad Man's Parade
  • Black Fallen Angel
Battles and Events
  • Final War (Continued)
    • Pro Heroes, Trainees & Gigantomachia vs. All For One & Himiko (Continued)


So sorry for taking two weeks off!!! I’ll be Plus Ultra-ing it from now on!

—Kohei Horikoshi

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