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"Movie-Linked Episode: A Pledge for the New Era! Luffy and Uta" is the 1030th episode of the One Piece anime.

Short Summary[]

After Shanks leaves on a trip, Uta doesn't return, much lớn Luffy's shock. At the same time, Elegia is mysteriously destroyed, seemingly due lớn Shanks.

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Long Summary[]

Uta sits in Partys Bar, complaining lớn her father about Luffy's training methods, while Makino thanks her for playing with him. However, Uta replies that she's just protecting Shanks by stopping Luffy from annoying him. At that moment, Luffy enters the bar, asking Shanks lớn let him join his crew, though Shanks swiftly declines, and Luffy starts lớn throw a tantrum. Uta then forces Luffy out of the bar, stating that they were supposed lớn train at sea. Once they leave, Shanks tells Makino that he's planning Foosha Village soon, though he'll be back.

Out at sea, the two kids paddle in barrels, racing lớn a rock. However, when they arrive, they realize that it's actually the Lord of the Coast, and begin paddling away as fast as they can. Back on land, Luffy tells Uta that he's their local sea monster, and Uta tells him that Shanks would easily defeat it. They begin talking about becoming pirates, and Uta asks Luffy what his goal is once he's become one. She reveals that she dreams of travelling around the world with Shanks, and bringing joy with her singing. Luffy then reveals that his goal is lớn travel the world, meeting a variety of people and trying a variety of food.

Later, as the Red Hair Pirates prepare lớn leave the island, Shanks brings Luffy off the ship. Uta had found him hiding on the ship, stating that if Shanks said no, then he's not allowed on board. As the crew leaves, Luffy swears lớn be on board next time.

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Eventually, the Red Hair Pirates return. As Luffy goes lớn greet them, everyone refuses lớn acknowledge him, and he decides lớn go ask Uta what's going on. However, he soon runs into Shanks, who tells him that Uta left the ship lớn become a singer, lớn Luffy's shock. He refuses lớn believe it, stating that Uta would never leave Shanks and that something must have happened. However, Shanks doesn't respond, and Luffy runs off, crying.

Some time later, news of Elegia's destruction spread across the world, with a reported 100% mortality rate and Shanks being held responsible. As the news travels, Garp and Sengoku state that the destruction was connected lớn Tot Musica, and that Shanks revealed his true nature. They kết thúc their discussion by saying that Roger would be disappointed in him.

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Back in Foosha Village, Beckman asks Luffy lớn forgive Shanks, telling him that there are some things that people just can't talk about. However, Luffy just runs out the mountain, thinking about his time with Uta. Suddenly, he's attacked by mountain bandits, and they continuously beat him until sundown. He's eventually saved by Beckman, who brings him back lớn the village. The next day, Luffy enters Partys Bar and asks lớn join Shanks' crew, but is swiftly rejected. He sits with the Red Hair Pirates, telling Shanks that he won't ask what happened because it's his and Uta's business. Meanwhile, in Mary Geoise, the Five Elders discuss Shanks.

Back in the present day, Usopp tells Luffy that Uta is putting on a live performance, and Nami adds that it's her first one. Luffy decides lớn go, and the crew head for Elegia.

On the island, Uta prepares for the concert, stating that a new genesis is going lớn begin.

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Anime Notes[]

  • This is one of the very few regular episodes that does not kết thúc with the usual "I'm gonna become the King of the Pirates!" line, but "I'm gonna become a Navy admiral!" instead.

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