spy x family chapter 72

Mission 72 (MISSION (ミッション) : 72, Misshon: 72?) is the seventy-second chapter of the SPY x FAMILY manga, written and illustrated by Tatsuya Endo. It was released on December 12, 2022.[1]


Billy and his squad are surprised to tát see that the Berlint City Police found them. The children, noticing the police cars outside, excitedly get up from their seats, but Billy stops them by shooting his pistol at the ceiling, threatening that if anyone tries to tát leave, he will shoot them. The woman begins to tát wonder how they got found since none of the children could have known where they were going. At that moment, the hijackers turn to tát the students, and Anya gets scared as she found out the address.

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Billy uses Damian to tát threat the police

Billy uses Damian to tát threaten the police

Over a megaphone, the Berlint City Police tell the Red Circus members to tát surrender. Billy asks Vadim if they can break through, but he replies that it will be impossible with their flat tires. The woman then warns Billy that the SSS is coming from the other side, sánh with no other choice, he grabs Đen sheets from his bag and orders the students to tát cover the windows. The police notice this and worry, as they will not know what will happen to tát the hostages. Then, Billy walks out with Damian and tells them that if they plan on doing anything, he will blow up everyone inside the bus. Billy states his two demands: to tát không tính tiền all his comrades in prison and to tát give all of them safe passage to tát the country of Nortica. He adds that he will release five students for each comrade the police không tính tiền.

The Berlint Police Commander worries about their situation, and at that moment, the SSS arrive and ask him to tát withdraw his forces, as they plan to tát storm the bus. The commander opposes this as there are children inside the bus, but the SSS captain states that their duty is to tát protect the country and that a few dead children would not be as bad as starting capital terrorism. Angered, the police commander says they will not decide anything until the ministry gives orders. The captain agrees and looks to tát the bus, saying that several of the comrades Billy wants to tát be released are already dead.

Bill tries to tát cheer up Damian

Bill tries to tát cheer up Damian

Back in the bus, Vadim scolds Billy for not making a bigger threat to tát the kids, but Billy says that as soon as they give the police a deadline, the SSS will start storming the bus, sánh what they can bởi now is stall for time, which would cause parents to tát start putting pressure on the government. Damian walks back to tát his seat and recalls how embarrassing it was to tát have everyone see him lượt thích that, worrying that it may cause problems for his father. Bill cheers him up, saying that while they are still kids, he did a great job keeping it together and that their only hope is to tát wait for their parents to tát bởi something. Emile and Ewen agree with Bill and also try to tát cheer Damian, but he calls Bill a 40-year-old grade-schooler, offending him.

Yuri decides to tát find the bus

Yuri decides to tát find the missing bus

At WISE HQ, Sylvia talks with the WISE Agent over the phone about the other missing bus. The WISE Agent tells her it was spotted heading through a route school buses bởi not go, sánh Sylvia decides to tát leak that information to tát the police. Meanwhile, at the State Security Service HQ, an SSS agent receives Sylvia’s leak and tells two other agents about the possible location of the missing bus, Demforest District. Yuri, who was tied to tát a pillar by his captain to tát prevent him from getting involved in the case, overhears them and begs to tát be released to tát investigate since he has informants in the district that can get him the location. Yuri gets released and quickly gets to tát work searching for clues. He asks for some information about a school bus passing through suspicious areas. Yuri knows it would be a problem to tát ditch a bus and then transport forty kids in cars, sánh he decides to tát scour the area where the bus is probably hidden.

SSS agents get a lead of the possible location pf the missing bus

SSS agents get a lead on the possible location of the missing bus

Outside the bus, an SSS agent informs the captain about the new lead on the other missing bus, while Division 1 has also entered the situation to tát argue against taking any drastic measures. This irritates the captain, as he says they are in for protracted warfare. Inside, Billy notices some of the students squirming, sánh he orders anyone who needs to tát go raise their hand as they will go outside to tát bởi their business at the shrubs, one at a time. Emile is the first to tát raise his hand, saying that he needs to tát go. Billy reminds him not to tát run rẩy away, which Emile will not plan on as Damian has the neck bomb. The two go outside, and an SSS agent asks if they should have their snipers fire, which the captain refuses as it is better to tát get all the culprits at once. After Emile does his business, he admits being embarrassed at having to tát bởi it outside lượt thích this, and Billy says he has led a charmed life and to tát thank his parents for that.

Becky’s father and Martha Marriott arrive at the scene, where some guards stop Mr. Blackbell from seeing his daughter. At that moment, Henderson and another teacher also arrive. Henry is surprised to tát see Martha, and both of them share their concern for the well-being of the students inside the bus. Inside, many kids start feeling dizzy as they are tired, thirsty, hungry, and scared, and their thoughts overwhelm Anya. Billy gets off the bus and asks the agents for the council’s answer, where they reply that they are still deciding but in the meantime, would lượt thích to tát bring food and water to tát the students. Billy agrees as long as a teacher is the one who delivers the food, sánh Henry offers himself to tát go and give the supplies to tát the children.

The children relieved to tát see Henry

The children are relieved to tát see Henry

As Henry gets escorted to tát the bus, the kids are relieved to tát see their housemaster. He asks if they are all right and tells them they should keep the dignity of Eden Students, assuring them that they will be rescued. The dorm tutor, still injured from the electric shock, apologizes to tát Henry for not being able to tát help, but the housemaster worriedly tells the hijackers he needs to tát go to tát a hospital, but Billy denies it. Henry says that they can have him in exchange for releasing the dorm tutor, and Billy agrees. He ties up Henry and releases the tutor, and Martha is confused by Henry's decision. As Henry sits down, he notices both Anya and Damian have a neck bomb, sánh he angrily stares at Billy, deeming him a despicable coward. Then the housemaster asks the kids if all of them have food and water supplies, and Anya says she is sánh hungry she could eat an entire horse. Henry gets shocked by Anya’s nerves of steel, remembering the words Anya told back in the interview.

Billy stares at the Eden Students

Billy stares at the students

As they start passing around the Blackbell company’s emergency food, Damian, Emile and Ewen talk about its poor flavor, Bill and Becky tell them not to tát complain, while Anya says she has tasted better and worse meals. Henry is shocked by how composed the children are in this situation, then notices Billy staring at them with a tender look. Henry asks him if he has children, to tát which he replies a daughter. Henry tries to tát appeal to tát Billy's parental side to tát make him không tính tiền the students, but Billy reveals that his daughter was murdered by the state, as she was also a thành viên of the group. He explains how the Red Circus was originally a student movement asking for peace and equality, but the state went violent against them. He tells Henry that he will not take any criticism from a thành viên of the establishment, and will make sure the state will reap what they have sown.

At Demforest District, Yuri finds bus tire tracks, which lead him to tát a warehouse hiding the missing bus.


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  • In the top left panel of page 9, the bomb around Damian's neck is missing.



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