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Uzoth, not to tướng be confused with Uzoth (Admin) or Uzoth (manga character).

Uzoth is an NPC in the Third Sea who teaches Dragon Talon, which is the V2 sườn of Dragon Breath.


To be able to tướng learn Dragon Talon, the player must have:

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  • Fire Essence (Obtained from the Death King)
  • 400 Mastery on Dragon Breath
  • MoneyIcon 3,000,000
  • FragmentIcon 5,000

If the player does not meet the following requirements, Uzoth will say "Set your heart ablaze."


  • It is possible to tướng give Uzoth the Fire Essence first and purchase Dragon Talon later, with a message stating "Used <Fire Essence> successfully." whilst continuing the dialogue. This will save over rejoining.
  • Once purchased, the player can reclaim the fighting style without having to tướng give the Fire Essence again.
  • The player cannot obtain the Fire Essence from Death King if they already own Dragon Talon.


This NPC is located in the Haunted Castle, behind the Demonic Soul castle on the right-hand gear.



  • The name of the NPC is actually based on an admin/YouTuber's display name, "Uzoth".
  • Players may confuse Fire Essence with the Hallow Essence, however the Hallow Essence is used to tướng spawn the Level 2100 Raid quái nhân, Soul Reaper.
  • The player does not need to tướng have Dragon Breath equipped, to tướng turn this item to tướng Uzoth.
  • Even if the player lacks MoneyIcon 3,000,000 and FragmentIcon 5000, they can still give the Fire Essence to tướng Uzoth and buy Dragon Talon later without requiring another Fire Essence.