my daughter is a dragon

My Daughter Is a Dragon!


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Status Ongoing

Released 2022

Author Sum (STUDIO WOOGII) Yehaseong


Serialization KakaoPage (Kakao)Kakao Webtoon (Daum)

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俺の娘はドラゴン!, 女儿的超能力是把我变帅!, 내 딸은 드래곤!

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Synopsis My Daughter Is a Dragon!

Jihoon was leading a draining life due to lớn his demanding professor, when one day, his daughter fell out of thin air! Thanks to lớn Chaerin, who was as smart and pretty as an elf, things started to lớn look up for him. His skin started to lớn get better, his eyesight and intelligence improved, and he even got taller and more handsome. This was all according to lớn his daughter Chaerin’s plans! Jihoon, who used to lớn be an ordinary science and engineering university student, became a researcher leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution, AI!

Chapter My Daughter Is a Dragon!

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