kamen rider ex aid ep 24

Go Together, Embracing Your Ambitions! (大志を抱いて go together!, Taishi wo Daite Go Togedā!) is the twenty-fourth episode of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. It is part 2 of the Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero Taisen: Movie Release Anniversary SpecialIcon-crosswiki, following the seventh episode of KyurangerIcon-crosswiki, with the special appearance of Lucky/Shishi Red.


The fierce battle between Ex-Aid and Genm has now come to tướng an over. Meanwhile, a woman who was injured, Sora, is brought to tướng Emu and Hiiro. Sora's band members argue, when suddenly all 3 of them are taken over by Bugsters! And on top of that, when Emu tries facing them alone, a young man appears yelling, "Yossha Lucky!"

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At Genm Corp., the new CEO gets a Call that a band thành viên has been injured by falling equipment, the patient falling to tướng Emu and Hiiro as a regular patient of Seito University Hospital; Hiiro fixes her internal injuries quickly. Emu accepts that he can't let not being able to tướng save Kuroro get him down, as he has other patients to tướng help; it's also the over of his surgical internship. An argument brings them to tướng the patient's room, where Shido and Shishido, the other members of the patient Sora Iwamoto's band, Neironzu, are arguing about it's future over Sora's objections. The stress of the argument makes all three show signs of the game illness, the Bugsters within controlling them to tướng lập cập outside. Hiiro stays with another patient they knocked over, Emu chasing them outside as the Bugsters break out: Motors Level đôi mươi from Sora, Gatton Level 40 from Shido, and Kaiden Level 40 from Shishido. Suddenly, someone new appears on a roof, announcing himself as LuckyIcon-crosswiki, the luckiest man in the universe; shot at by Gatton, he falls, but lands on an Energy Item halfway down. Lucky and Emu together transform into Shishi Red and Ex-Aid Double kích hoạt Gamer Level X, Ex-Aid upgrading to tướng Level XX to tướng even the odds; Level XX Orange, Shishi Red, and Level XX Blue attack Kaiden, Motors, and Gatton with the Gashacon Key Slasher, Kyu SwordIcon-crosswiki, and Gashacon Breaker, respectively. Gatton and Kaiden soon flee, the heroes using an energized triple slash to tướng stop Motors from escaping, the Bugster retreating back into Sora. Lucky noting that no team helped Emu, Emu says that he has three friends to tướng count on; after Lucky leaves, Emu tells Asuna that he meant Hiiro, Taiga, and Kiriya.

At CR, Sora elaborates to tướng Emu and Asuna on the band's lack of success; they determine the Bugsters will likely attack Seito Stadium, as it had been a dream of the band to tướng perform there. Emu posits that the band members will be able to tướng làm đẹp over their shared dream. Hiiro and Taiga, however, have no interest in teaming with him to tướng defeat the Bugsters; Taiga suggests they instead wager Gashats on who can beat them first, Hiiro preferring to tướng work alone. As Emu leaves in defeat, Asuna escorts a visitor to tướng meet the patient; he introduces himself as Ren Amagasaki, Genm Corp.'s new CEO. At Seito Stadium, Taiga and Hiiro separately encounter Kaiden and Gatton, transforming into Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50 and Brave Hunter Quest Gamer Level 5 Full Dragon. Ren explains that Sora's band was auditioning to tướng play the theme tuy nhiên for a new Genm Corp. game, lamenting that the company may be forced into bankruptcy if the game is delayed upon hearing that Sora can't be released soon. Not wanting to tướng see her "birthplace" shut down, Asuna reveals her true identity as Poppy Pipopapo, a Bugster from Genm Corp.'s DoReMiFa Beat game; Ren says she will save Genm Corp. He visits Sora, but tells her that her band wasn't selected; the stress from this causes Motors to tướng reemerge, escaping through a computer. Motors speeding by on the Motors Viper, Emu gives chase; as Poppy tries to tướng leave, Ren says he wants her to tướng sing the new game's theme tuy nhiên.

Chasing Motors to tướng Seito Stadium, Emu transforms to tướng Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99; not interested in a race, he speeds in front of Motors and tosses him, hitting him with a Gun Mode Maximum Mighty Critical Finish, reprogramming away his motorcycle to tướng his despair and anger. As Poppy tries saying she can't just suddenly sing the new game's tuy nhiên, Ren snaps his fingers and starts talking in a new voice, hypnotizing Poppy as both of their eyes glow; in a decorated CR patient ward, Poppy starts singing the new game's theme PEOPLE GAME. At Seito Stadium: Snipe is pummeling Kaiden with cannons, Kaiden frustrated his opponent isn't dueling with swords; Gatton's level too high to tướng compete with, Brave snatches an Invisible Energy Item to tướng gain an advantage; and Ex-Aid punches Motors for being annoying. The Bugsters knocked into the same place, Brave snags a Separation Energy item to tướng split into 8; the Riders use Bang Bang Critical Fire, a series of Drago Knight Critical Strikes, and Blade Mode Maximum Mighty Critical Finish to tướng destroy the Bugsters, curing and freeing the patients. Poppy finishes singing, Ren revealing the name of the new game: Kamen Rider Chronicle; the two are standing inside Poppy's arcade machine, and CR's lights flicker out.

As Taiga and Hiiro argue over who defeated them and gets the Gashats, Emu goes to tướng the patients; the three bandmates apologize for their behaviors, agreeing to tướng work things through. Suddenly, Sora collapses again, Emu determining that her stitches have broken from the excessive activity; Hiiro takes over care as Taiga calls an ambulance, Nico noting their effective teamwork. In a new hideout, Parado uses the Gashacon Bugvisor to tướng summon all of the Bugsters: Salty Level 3, Aranbura and Revol Level 5, Motors Level đôi mươi, Vernier and Charlie Level 30, Gatton and Kaiden Level 40, and even Graphite's human sườn, Parado explaining that as a complete being, Graphite could be revived at any time despite not being recollected, something Kuroto hadn't known. Ren arrives with Poppy, getting the chance to tướng brainwash her having been their reason to tướng distract the Riders. Parado triggers the incomplete Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat, the ten gathered Bugsters being pulled into its Start Screen, completing the Gashat. Kamen Rider Chronicle is finally starting.


  • Emu Hojo (宝生 永夢, Hōjō Emu): Hiroki Iijima (飯島 寛騎, Iijima Hiroki)
  • Hiiro Kagami (鏡 飛彩, Kagami Hiiro): Toshiki Seto (瀬戸 利樹, Seto Toshiki)
  • Taiga Hanaya (花家 大我, Hanaya Taiga): Ukyo Matsumoto (松本 享恭, Matsumoto Ukyō)
  • Asuna Karino (仮野 明日那, Karino Asuna): Ruka Matsuda (松田 るか, Matsuda Ruka)
  • Parado (パラド): Shouma Kai (甲斐 翔真, Kai Shōma)
  • Graphite (グラファイト, Gurafaito): Shouma Machii (町井 祥真, Machii Shōma)
  • Nico Saiba (西馬 ニコ, Saiba Niko): Reina Kurosaki (黒崎 レイナ, Kurosaki Reina)
  • Ren Amagasaki (天ヶ崎 恋, Amagasaki Ren): Shinya Kote (小手 伸也, Kote Shinya)
  • Ren Amagasaki (hypnotizing voice): Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部 順一, Suwabe Jun'ichi)
  • Rider Gashat (ライダーガシャット, Raidā Gashatto, Voice): Hironobu Kageyama (影山 ヒロノブ, Kageyama Hironobu)

Guest Cast[]

  • LuckyIcon-crosswiki (ラッキー, Rakkī): Takumi KizuIcon-crosswiki (岐洲 匠, Kizu Takumi)
  • Motors Bugster (モータスバグスター, Mōtasu Bagusutā, Voice): Shintaro Ohata (大畑 伸太郎, Ōhata Shintarō)
  • Gatton Bugster (ガットンバグスター, Gaton Bagusutā, Voice): Yūichi Iguchi (井口 祐一, Iguchi Yūichi)
  • Kaiden Bugster (カイデンバグスター, Kaiden Bagusutā, Voice): Otoya Kawano (かわの をとや, Kawano Otoya)
  • Sora Iwamoto (岩本 ソラ, Iwamoto Sora): Miku Ono (大野 未来, Ōno Miku)
  • Shido (シド): Kosuke Endo (遠藤 耕介, Endō Kōsuke)
  • Shishido (シシド): Yuji Oyakawa (親川 優志, Oyakawa Yūji)

Suit Actors[]

  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level X: Satoshi Fujita (藤田 慧, Fujita Satoshi)
  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level XX R, Level 99: Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二, Takaiwa Seiji)
  • Kamen Rider Brave Level 5, Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Level XX L: Jun Watanabe (渡辺 淳, Watanabe Jun)
  • Kamen Rider Snipe Level 50: Eitoku (永徳)
  • Shishi RedIcon-crosswiki: Masashi Takada (高田 将司, Takada Masashi)
  • Gatton Bugster: Hajime Kanzaki (神前 元, Kanzaki Hajime)
  • Kaiden Bugster: Takuma Komori (小森 拓真, Komori Takuma)
  • Motors Bugster: Shigeki Ito (伊藤 茂騎, Itō Shigeki)

Rider Gashat[]

  • Gashat Used:
    • Ex-Aid
      • Mighty Brothers XX, Maximum Mighty X
    • Brave
      • Taddle Quest, Drago Knight Hunter Z
    • Snipe
      • Gashat Gear Dual β (Bang Bang Simulations)
  • Level Used:
    • Ex-Aid
      • Double kích hoạt Gamer Level X, Double kích hoạt Gamer Level XX, Maximum Gamer Level 99
    • Brave
      • Hunter Quest Gamer Level 5 (Full Dragon)
    • Snipe
      • Simulation Gamer Level 50

Energy Items[]

  • Energy Items Used:
    • Brave
      • Invisible, Separation
    • Unused
      • Speeding-Up, Iron-Body, Instigate, High-Jump, Muscular, Recover, Shrink, Confusion, Liquefaction


  • Shishi RedIcon-crosswiki - N/A


  • Unlike the Sentai side of the crossoverIcon-crosswiki sự kiện, no explanation is given regarding how Lucky is present in Ex-Aid's version of Earth, which is incompatible with the Earth in Kyuranger, adding on to tướng the later revelation that Kyuranger takes place in a universe separate from the main universe.
  • Ex-Aid Double kích hoạt Gamer Level X's profile is missing from the selection array both when Snipe takes Level 50 and when Ex-Aid takes Level 99.
  • At the over of the battle, as Brave Hunter Quest Gamer put his Drago Knight Hunter Z Gashat into the Kimewaza slot, the "Kimewaza" sound can be heard, even though he has not pressed the Kimewaza button. When he does press the button, the "Kimewaza" sound is heard again.


Kamen Rider[]

EA SYNG Screen
  • Closing Screen:
    • Text Color: Pink
  • Count at episode end
    • Gashats in Ex-Aid's possession: Mighty kích hoạt X, Gekitotsu Robots, Shakariki Sports, Bakusou Bike, Giri Giri Chambara, Mighty Brothers XX, Maximum Mighty X
    • Gashats in Brave's possession: Taddle Quest, DoReMiFa Beat, Drago Knight Hunter Z
    • Gashats in Snipe's possession: Bang Bang Shooting, Jet Combat, Gashat Gear Dual β
    • Gashats in Para-DX's possession: Gashat Gear Dual, Dangerous Zombie, Kamen Rider Chronicle
    • Gashats in the Ministry of Health's possession: Proto Mighty kích hoạt X, Proto Taddle Quest, Proto Bang Bang Shooting, Proto Bakusou Bike, Proto Gekitotsu Robots, Proto DoReMiFa Beat, Proto Giri Giri Chambara, Proto Jet Combat, Proto Shakariki Sports, Proto Drago Knight Hunter Z
    • Gashats in unknown possession: Ju Ju Burger
  • Video trò chơi references in this episode:
    • to be added
  • This is the first time a Mighty Brothers XX sườn wields the Gashacon Breaker.
  • A half-shadowed Kamen Rider Cronus makes his debut in the cover image of the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat.
  • This episode debuts the in-universe tuy nhiên PEOPLE GAME, sung by Poppy and advertised as the theme tuy nhiên for Kamen Rider Chronicle, used as an insert theme.
  • This is the last episode to tướng not feature an opening sequence since it disappeared in episode 15. A new opening sequence would debut next episode.

Super Sentai[]

  • to be added

DVD/Blu-ray releases[]

  • Kamen Rider Ex-Aid Volume 6 features episodes 21-24: Chasing the Mystery!, Engineered History!, To The Max, Dead or Alive! and Go Together, Embracing Your Ambitions!.
  • Blu-ray Collection 2 comes with 12 episodes.

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