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Work, Fight and Love   

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Arbeit, Kampf und Liebe
Làm Việc, Chiến Đấu Và Yêu Đi
Trabajar, Pelear hắn Amar
Travailler, Se Battre et Aimer
Work, Fight and Love - 爱的广告圈
工作 吵架 相愛
일하고 싸우고 사랑하라

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Sweet Indulgent

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an tài khoản.

First I want to lớn say , this is faaaar better than vãn Totally Captivated.
It's s ví dramatic lượt thích all average webtoons out there but I liked it + I don't get ppl who felt bad for Mr Yoon , he can't be secure with anyone else but his wife bcz of his crazy father and brother and ik his wife is crazy aggressive but she basically sacrifices everything for him ví yeah don't feel sorry for him. Actually I felt bad for Mr Yoon wife the most , she doesn't want to lớn married after she have a child without married but her father push her to lớn married bcz she is getting older + he looks down at his daughter that's why he think a bastard son of a chairman is a good investment for him ...
After meeting him by force she prayed he treat her good bcz he looks decent but she slapped ví hard by how cold he is and even choose a guy over her.

And I completely understand why yul become that crazy , he put an act but u can say he completely lost his confidence after his ex cheated on him ví easily without give af about him afterwards. Just imagine how humiliated it was for him. He seems a guy who hate to lớn tự bad things , it's even mentioned he don't smoke or even drink, that's why he can't stand ppl who easily slept around, he is a strict righteous man with ocd but when it's comes to lớn love ,he lose his sanity bcz he hate to lớn felt insecure or lose , I totally understand him , how he can't trust ppl.

And I totally understand why Soohan looks lượt thích a pushover, he is craving starving for love , attention and affection but he never get it , he always begged for it and even betrayed by his partner in middle school too ,after used by him. He is ví careful and obedient with his partners even in bed and ví used to lớn let them tự whatever they want with him ví they just love him a little more in return, he traumatized by how his partners treat him ví poorly even hated himself for it. He never received half of what he give ví he just dying for attention and a simple decent love , he basically cried after see ppl simply date in street.

From what I see , both Mr Yoon and Soohan are seems ví similar personality wise, they need determined , strong minded and kinda aggressive/pushing partners to lớn chase after them and done things for them that's why I'm satisfied by ending.

While I agree with the other commenters, I have to lớn add that I would highly recommend this comic to lớn others.

Yes, it gets really intense. Yes, there is a love triangle. Yes, not everyone ends up with their dream fairytale ending. Not everyone in life ends up in their dream. Yes, there is some highly questionably criminal actions going on. However, that is what gives this 66 chapter long series a life. I absolutely love fluffy stories, dont get mạ wrong, but this story made mạ cry.

Unlike the two commenters above, though, I did not lượt thích Totally Captivated very much, because it felt very surface level, and I was a bit thrown to lớn feeling neutral by His House that is phối in the same universe as Work, Fight, and Love. I thought this comic was much deeper and human than vãn others by this author, though to lớn read it you must be prepared for emotional turmoil.

Like the above comment I too found the manhwa bittersweet. I read it because Totally Captivated is still one of my favorites. However, this manhwa doesn't even come into competition with it. The love triangle is ví deeply rooted in the manhwa your lượt thích wtf can I wish for anyone to lớn be happy!? I found the title to lớn be accurate there's a lot of work in the manhwa. It's basically what brings the characters together. And with that work brought love a boat load of fighting, right until the very kết thúc. It's a good rainy day read if you want something to lớn keep your attention.

I read this story intially because of the author and cause I liked Totally Captivated. But this one left mạ with a really bittersweet feeling. Normally I don't read love triangles and this just reinforced mạ on to lớn continue that policy. I just feel lượt thích the author really did one of the characters dirty and just left them out to lớn dry. I also feel lượt thích the love triangle wasn't properly resolved. While I definately wouldn't recomend this story to lớn anyone I also won't say that it is a bad story. I would just have to lớn tệp tin this story under the category on never read again and it not being my cup of tea.

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... Last updated on November 6th, 2018, 10:57pm

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an tài khoản.