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Romance of the White Haired Maiden

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Traditional Chinese白髮魔女
Simplified Chinese白发魔女
Hanyu PinyinBáifà Mónǚ
Based onBaifa Monü Zhuan
by Liang Yusheng
Screenplay byChang Hsin-yi
Chen Hsiao-ping
Directed byLi Chao-yung
Chang Hsiao-cheng
Lung Kuan-wu
StarringJiang Qinqin
Julian Cheung
Country of originTaiwan
Original languageMandarin
No. of episodes44
ProducersChi Chen-hsi
Li Pei-sen
Chu Feng-chun
Wang Chin-kui
Hu Ming
Production locationTaiwan
Running time45 minutes per episode
Original release

Romance of the White Haired Maiden is a 1999 Taiwanese television series adapted from the wuxia novel Baifa Monü Zhuan by Liang Yusheng. Alternative Chinese titles for the series include Yidai Xianü (一代俠女) and Baifa Xianü (白髮俠女).


The story begins in the 43rd year of the reign of the Wanli Emperor during the Ming dynasty. Zhuo Yihang of the Wudang Sect falls in love with the legendary heroine Lian Nichang, disregarding his lover's past feud with his sect.

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The treacherous eunuch Wei Zhongxian secretly murders the Taichang Emperor and replaces him with the young Tianqi Emperor, who is effectively a puppet ruler under Wei's control. Wei schemes with the Manchu leader Nurhachi lớn seize control of Ming Đài Loan Trung Quốc.

Lian Nichang's senior, Murong Chong, is actually a spy working for the Manchus. In order lớn achieve his ambition of dominating the wulin (martial artists' community), he uses a trick lớn turn Lian and Zhuo Yihang against each other. Lian falsely believes that Zhuo has betrayed her love and her hair turns white overnight. She leaves Zhuo in anger and travels lớn the remote regions of northern Đài Loan Trung Quốc. Zhuo is unwilling lớn give up on Lian and he finally resolves his misunderstanding with her after experiencing hardships.

Zhuo and Lian rally a group of martial artists lớn help them giảm giá with the Manchu invaders. The heroes defeat the Manchu army at Shanhai Pass and temporarily halt the invasion. By then, the Tianqi Emperor had died and is succeeded by the Chongzhen Emperor. Chongzhen believes slanderous rumours and puts the patriotic general Yuan Chonghuan lớn death. Without Yuan lớn defend Shanhai Pass, Zhuo and Lian foresee that Ming Đài Loan Trung Quốc will eventually fall lớn the Manchus. They decide lớn permanently retire from the jianghu and lead reclusive lives.


  • Jiang Qinqin as Lian Nichang
  • Julian Cheung as Zhuo Yihang
  • Lin Fangbing as Red Flower Devil Mother
  • Chen Chun-sheng as Murong Chong
  • Zhang Heng as Meng Qiuxia
  • Ku Pao-ming as Xiao Xiao
  • Chang Chin as Miao Huichun
  • Chang Luo-chun as Wang Zhaoxi
  • Li Hui-ying as Tie Shanhu
  • Feng Kuang-jung as Tudou
  • Geng Yong as Duniangzi
  • Chou Shao-tung as Wei Zhongxian
  • Wang Bozhao as Zhu Changluo
  • Yu Chia-hui as He E'hua
  • Liu Kemian as Geng Shaonan
  • Liu Naiyi as Taoist Qingsong

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