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Three Kingdoms I Am Emperor - a real-time tactical general battle masterpiece.
The 3Q mobile game simulates the panorama of the Three Kingdoms, helping you lớn experience the life of the Emperor perfectly.
Beautiful 3 chiều graphics, novel gameplay, attractive gameplay, diverse tactics, deserves lớn be the top SLG x Card Battle x RPG game today.

Set in the Three Kingdoms period, after a chaotic period when factions fought, the Wei - Thuc - Ngo cauldron was gradually formed. This was a bloody period, but also produced talented Emperors of the Three Kingdoms (Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Ton Quyen), overbearing heroes and military advisors (Trieu Van, Quan Vu, Chien Than Lu) Father, Ngoa Long - Zhuge Liang ...) with beautiful beauty (Dieu Thuyen, Dai Kieu, Tieu Kieu ...). Join the game Ta Am Emperor of the Three Kingdoms, you will experience the fullest and most vivid life of an Emperor of the Three Kingdoms period on the journey lớn compete with other players. Flapping his chest and claiming lớn be a king, this Giang shan is his son's.

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【Recruit famous generals - Self-study great skills, create your own famous generals.】
Incarnate into 1 Emperor on the journey lớn recruit soldiers forever, with more kêu ca 50 generals from 4 factions: Wei, Thuc, Ngo, Quan; divided into 5 armies (cavalry, infantry, archer, tư vấn, and advisor) with 9 varied and variable spells. Each general has its own strengths, among the famous generals there is a predestined relationship, mutual birth and mutual opposition, ví the tactical factor, the arrangement of the squad is put on the top. There are also trăng tròn powerful beasts rushing lớn the battlefield, cool fashion and a series of ancient gods lớn help generals have beautiful looks and unparalleled strength, ready lớn participate in fiery PK screens. .

【Blessing the harem (+100 American women freely reward and punish, give birth lớn heirs)】
Experience the feeling of joy lượt thích a king with hundreds of thousands of concubines. Visit and give gifts lớn the beauties regularly lớn increase intimacy. The marketing feature, in addition lớn helping the princess give birth lớn an heir, raising adult descendants also helps increase the power of the nation.

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【Gathering resources - Reclaiming sites, punishing mountain bandits】
To develop the country by all kinds of resources: rice, stone, iron, ... must know how lớn reclaim and build works on the map. The world is in chaos, the bandits are disturbed. Challenging bandits lớn help you get miễn phí valuable items.

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【Foreign Policy - Establish alliances, trade and trade】
In the Three Kingdoms, the diplomatic factor is always put on top. In I Am Emperor of the Three Kingdoms, the princesses also need diplomacy lớn ally the powers lớn capture resources and rival strongholds. In addition, the feature of trade and specialty trade between countries, building embassies are also interesting experiences.

【City professing emperor - Arranging troops in battle -Fighting for the world】
On the map of the citadel, each stronghold has a certain strategic position, which has an important influence on the long-term grand plan. Initially, players in Thanh Chinh took turns attacking District Thanh, Do Thanh, Vuong Thanh, and Hoang Thanh. After Gong Occupy Imperial Citadel, you can Gọi yourself Emperor of the Three Kingdoms. Each army has its own stats such as: marching, attacking, defending, etc., ví it is necessary lớn send troops lớn arrange a reasonable battle. Based on achievements on the field, can be promoted, receive many titles and perks. Thanh Chien divides many seasons, each season has its own fighting mechanism that is very diverse and challenging.

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