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The Little Nyonya

Theatrical Poster

GenrePeriod drama
Written byAng Eng Tee (洪荣狄)
Directed byChong Liung Man (张龙敏)
Tay Peck Choo (郑碧珠)
Chia Mien Yang (谢敏洋)
Loo Yin Kam (卢燕金)
StarringJeanette Aw
Qi Yuwu
Dai Xiangyu
Lin Mei Jiao
Pan Lingling
Cynthia Koh
Desmond Sim
Pierre Png
Joanne Peh
Xiang Yun
Ng Hui
Andie Chen
Eelyn Kok
Opening theme如燕 by Olivia Ong
Ending theme保温 by Bevlyn Khoo
需要 by JS
Country of originSingapore
Original languagesMandarin
(with partial English, Malay, Japanese and Hokkien)
No. of episodes34
ProducerChia Mien Yang (谢敏洋)
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes
Original release
NetworkMediaCorp TV Channel 8
Release25 November 2008 –
5 January 2009
  • By My Side
  • Reunion Dinner
  • The Little Nyonya (2020)
  • Emerald Hill (2025)

The Little Nyonya (Chinese: 小娘惹) is a 2008 drama serial on Singapore's free-to-air MediaCorp TV Channel 8. It stars Jeanette Aw, Qi Yuwu, Dai Xiangyu, Lin Meijiao, Pan Lingling, Cynthia Koh, Pierre Png, Joanne Peh, Desmond Sim, Eelyn Kok, Andie Chen, Ng Hui and Xiang Yun as the casts of the series. The storyline, which circles around the biographical flashback of an extended Peranakan family in Malacca, is phối in the 1930s and spans vĩ đại over 70 years and several generations of three families.

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It debuted on 25 November 2008 and concluded its run rẩy on 5 January 2009. It was shown on weekdays at 9 pm. The series was partly sponsored by the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

Produced by MediaCorp in commemoration of the channel's 45th anniversary, The Little Nyonya is widely regarded as one of the greatest television series on Channel 8. It has been acclaimed by viewers and critics, and ranked the highest viewership in the country in 14 years. The success of The Little Nyonya has led vĩ đại the show being broadcast internationally. The series became the first ever Singaporean Chinese drama vĩ đại be dubbed in Malay and aired on Malay-language channel Suria. In December năm nhâm thìn, the subscription-based streaming service Netflix acquired broadcasting rights for the series.[1] The series spawned a Chinese remake of the same name broadcasting on CCTV, which aired for 45 episodes beginning 28 June 2020 and ended on trăng tròn July. Singapore aired the remake from 5 January 2021 until 10 March 2021.


The story spans over 70 years, from the 1930s till present day.

During a flashback vĩ đại the past, Huang Ju Xiang is born into a large Peranakan family in Malacca where her mother is a mistress. Not only is Ju Xiang kind and beautiful, she is also remarkable at all skills a Nyonya is expected vĩ đại have. However, Ju Xiang is a deaf-mute due vĩ đại a serious illness when she was young. Although she is the daughter of the respectable Huang family, Ju Xiang and her mother Tian Lan are treated as servants due vĩ đại their illegitimate status, having no say in anything.

During a feast hosted by the Huang family, Ju Xiang catches the eyes of many men - Chen Sheng, the second son of the respectable Chen family, Charlie Zhang, a powerful and cunning businessman, and Yamamoto Yousuke, a Japanese photographer. Seeing his family's matriarch is also fond of Ju Xiang, Chen Sheng proposes vĩ đại ask for Ju Xiang's hand in marriage but is ultimately turned down because of her disability. Ju Xiang is then forced vĩ đại be Charlie's mistress by the Huang family in return for business gains. She resists the marriage by running away from home page but gets kidnapped by human traffickers. Yosuke rescues her but gets knocked out by Charlie's lackeys after. Ju Xiang finds herself in Charlie's khách sạn room about vĩ đại be raped but Yosuke saves her once again. Both of them flee back vĩ đại Yosuke's studio in Singapore and elope vĩ đại escape Charlie's clutches.

After 2 years of blissful life, Ju Xiang is pregnant. Yosuke goes back vĩ đại nhật bản vĩ đại visit his ill father but does not return as promised. Ju Xiang painstakingly raises her daughter Yue Niang for 8 years with the tư vấn of Chen Sheng.

Just as World War II breaks out in Singapore, Yosuke returns. It is revealed that shortly after returning vĩ đại nhật bản, he was forced into military by the Japanese for the past few years, and has only managed vĩ đại return by deserting his post. However, the family reunion is shortlived as Ju Xiang and Yamamoto die during the war, leaving behind their daughter.

The orphaned Yue Niang eventually arrives at the Huang family's house on her own. Her grandmother Tian Lan and faithful servant Ah Tao rejoice at her return. Yue Niang learns vĩ đại cook Peranakan dishes and sew, being as remarkable as Ju Xiang was.

Yue Niang grows up looking exactly lượt thích her beautiful mother. After the war, the Huang family members who sought refuge in England return home page. Yue Niang ends up leading an abusive life just lượt thích her mother, but she puts up with the mistreatment vĩ đại protect her grandmother.

Yue Niang catches the eye of Chen Xi, who is the nephew of Chen Sheng. Chen Xi pretends vĩ đại be a chauffeur so sánh that Yue Niang will befriend him. Yueniang's kindness, purity and persistence move Chen Xi and he falls in love with her. This incurs the wrath of the Huang family as they intend vĩ đại marry off either of Yue Niang's cousins - Zhen Zhu, the mean elder sister and Yu Zhu, the kind younger sister.

Despite Chen Xi's determination, he is arranged vĩ đại marry Yu Zhu after many sabotages and obstacles. At the same time, Yue Niang is forced vĩ đại marry a lowly butcher turned gangster quấn, Liu Yi Dao. Chen Sheng reminds Chen Xi vĩ đại not give up on Yue Niang lượt thích he did with Ju Xiang, so sánh Chen Xi works with Yu Zhu, who supports Chen Xi's and Yue Niang's relationship, vĩ đại help them elope.

On the night when Yu Zhu helps Yue Niang escape, Yu Zhu is raped by Robert Zhang, son of Charlie, who had mistaken Yu Zhu for Yue Niang. Zhen Zhu takes Yu Zhu's place in marrying Chen Xi, who had no say in the marriage as he was gravely ill and in a coma after the unsuccessful elopement. In shock and guilt for Yu Zhu's plight, Yue Niang marries Yi Dao without resistance. Yu Zhu is then married off vĩ đại Robert, who mistreats her and turns her insane.

After marrying Yi Dao, Yue Niang decides she will not accept the life made by others for her and tries vĩ đại kết thúc her life. Her strong personality impresses Yi Dao and they become sworn siblings instead.

Yue Niang begins learning vĩ đại trade and becomes a successful businesswoman. She makes peace with the Huang family by inviting them back vĩ đại live in the ancestral house which she has bought from the ngân hàng. Chen Xi, still in love with Yue Niang, tries vĩ đại ask for her hand in marriage again, but she turns him down vĩ đại avoid a divorce scandal for the respectable Chen family.

Yueniang ends up marry a charming and righteous British lawyer, Paul. Zhen Zhu leaves her loveless marriage and Chen Xi starts a relationship with good friend Libby. Yue Niang adopts Yu Zhu's son and names him Zu Ye. Zu Ye has two sons and a daughter.

Back in the present time, the elderly Yue Niang's granddaughter, Angela, realises Yu Zhu is her biological grandmother and grieves for Yu Zhu's bitter life. Yue Niang finishes telling Angela their family history and tells Angela vĩ đại never forget their family roots.

Shortly after, Yue Niang passes away peacefully wearing a traditional white garment, signifying that she will be reunited with her husband in the afterlife.



  • Yan Bingliang as Huang Yuan (黄元)
  • Lin Meijiao as Lin Guihua (林桂花)
  • Xiang Yun as Wang Tianlan (王天兰)
  • Guan Xuemei 管雪梅 as Tua Kor (大姑)
  • Jeanette Aw as Huang Juxiang (黄菊香)
  • Darren Lim as Huang Jincheng (黄金成)
  • Apple Hong as Huang Meiyu (黄美玉)
  • Pan Lingling as Xiufeng (秀凤)
  • Cynthia Koh as Xiujuan (秀娟)

Second generation[edit]

  • Jeanette Aw as Yamamoto Yueniang (山本月娘)
    • Younger version portrayed by Christabelle Tan
  • Andie Chen as Huang Tianbao (黄天宝)
  • Eelyn Kok as Huang Zhenzhu (黄珍珠)
  • Joanne Peh as Huang Yuzhu (黄玉珠)

Third generation[edit]

  • Edsel Lim as Zuye (祖业)

Fourth generation[edit]

  • Felicia Chin as Angel (安琦)

Chen family[edit]

  • Li Yinzhu as Madame Chen (陈老太)
  • Chen Xiang as Chen Gong (陈功)
  • Yang Yanqing as Xiulian (秀莲)
  • Pierre Png as Chen Sheng (陈盛)
  • Qi Yuwu as Chen Xi (陈锡)

Zhang family[edit]

  • Desmond Sim as Charlie Zhang (查里张)
  • Henry Heng as Zhang Tianfu (张添福)
  • Zen Chong as Robert Zhang (罗伯张)

Other characters[edit]

  • Ng Hui as Ah Tao (阿桃)
    • Zhu Xiufeng as older Ah Tao (阿桃)
  • Dai Xiangyu as Yamamoto Yousuke
  • Yao Wenlong as Liu Yidao (劉一刀)
  • Pamelyn Chee as Libby (丽贝儿)
  • Nat Ho as Jonathan Li Xiuwen (李修文)
  • Li Yuejie as Da Sha (大傻)
  • Bobby Tonelli as Paul
  • Jeszlene Zhou as Jinhua (金花)
  • Peer Metze as Smith
  • Chua Cheng Pou as Hei Gou (黑狗)

Development and production[edit]

Sites of the Pinang Peranakan Mansion were used in the drama

The Little Nyonya took a year of research and four months vĩ đại film.[2] More than vãn 150 staff members were involved in production of the series and the cast was required vĩ đại travel frequently from Singapore vĩ đại Penang, Malacca and Ipoh during filming. The Little Nyonya was notable for having the highest production budget in the history of MediaCorp due vĩ đại the elaborate period costumes. A pair of beaded shoes traversed over a cost of SGD$1200, while a dining table acquired for the phối cost $15000.

Rumours indicate that the role of Xiufeng was initially offered vĩ đại May Phua, who turned the offer down due vĩ đại her pregnancy at the time of filming, which resulted Pan Lingling taking over the role. Huang Biren was said vĩ đại be a prime candidate for the role of Tian Lan, although the actress' decision not vĩ đại renew her contract with MediaCorp ultimately resulted in Xiang Yun obtaining the part.

It was also rumoured that Zoe Tay had expressed interest in portraying a role in the series, although there were no suitable roles for her. Elvin Ng was originally considered vĩ đại be portraying Yamamoto Yousuke, but unfortunately, he was injured before filming began, which resulted Dai Xiangyu replacing him. Andrew Seow was first choice vĩ đại play Robert Zhang but he declined due vĩ đại him leaving MediaCorp and not renewing his contract, which resulted the role being replaced and portrayed by Zen Chong.

The series initially received a 30-episode order, although over-runs in filming led the series vĩ đại be extended vĩ đại 34 episodes instead. Possibly as a result, two episodes were aired on Mondays from 15 December 2008 till the conclusion of the series.


Promotion for The Little Nyonya lasted throughout the initial broadcast of the series as well after the series ended. Twelve members of the cast participated in "The Little Nyonya Public Event" 小娘惹户外影迷会 at Compass Point on 27 December 2008, which included an autograph session. An estimated 5000 people were present during the sự kiện. 100 posters were given out vĩ đại members of the audience. The unprecedented number of appearances resulted in damage of the flooring at Compass Point. Certain tiles on the floor cracked under the pressure exerted by the crowd.[3][4]

Due vĩ đại the overwhelming response of the initial public sự kiện, a "Thank You Roadshow" was held at Suntec City on 31 January, where fans were allowed vĩ đại take photographs with the cast and then shake hands. It featured several cast members from the first sự kiện as well as Olivia Ong, who recorded the theme tuy vậy of the series.

Minor roadshows were held at various locations between January and April 2009. On 17 January, Jeanette Aw and Xiang Yun promoted bird nest at Tiong Bahru Plaza, while Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh appeared at Courts Megastore along Tampines Road. Qi and Peh later appeared in character as part of the official launch for Media Fiesta at Marina Square on 5 March. On 26 April, Aw and Pierre Png made an appearance at the first anniversary of the Singapore Peranakan Museum shortly before leaving vĩ đại attend the Star Awards.

Chinese New Year Special[edit]

In response the tremendous tư vấn vĩ đại the show, the producers filmed a one-hour special, showcasing the stars enjoying a special Nyonya's reunion dinner, "The Little Nyonya's Big Reunion" (Chinese: 小娘惹大团圆), which was aired on day one of the Lunar New Year (26 January 2009) at 7 pm. It was hosted by Dasmond Koh and featured Yan Bingliang, Lin Meijiao, Pan Lingling, Darren Lim, Li Yinzhu, Cynthia Koh, Eelyn Kok, Andie Chen, Joanne Peh, Zen Chong, Dai Xiangyu, Jeanette Aw, Xiang Yun, Pierre Png, Qi Yuwu, Ng Hui and Yao Wenlong. The cast talked about the filming experiences and about the unexplained fates of characters that were not mentioned in the finale. Unaired blooper clips and behind-the-scenes shots were also shown. The special also had a special re-run on 8 February 2009 (day 14 of the New Year) at 9 pm.

Home truyền thông media release[edit]

The series was released by MediaCorp a 2-volume DVD boxset. The first volume, which contained the first 12 episodes of The Little Nyonya was released vĩ đại stores on 6 January 2009. The remaining episodes were compiled in the second volume and released two weeks later.[5] The boxset contains no special features, although it is accompanied by a booklet which provides descriptions of the major characters in the show, as well as a family tree.

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Commercial performance[edit]

The Little Nyonya achieved extremely high ratings during its initial run rẩy, with an average of 993 000 viewers[6] per episode and peaking at 1.67 million viewers on the final episode.[5] In addition, the series achieved the highest viewership rating in Singapore in 14 years.

Viewership for The Little Nyonya steadily increased throughout its run rẩy. Its first episode garnered an estimated 1.098 million viewers, which equates vĩ đại trăng tròn.3% of the country's population. On Episode 11, the show rating increased vĩ đại 23.6%. The 15th and 16th episodes, both broadcast back-to-back, was watched by 24.1% of the country's population. The rating increased by 2.2% a week later, and further increased vĩ đại 27.8% by the 27th and 28th episodes. The viewership peaked at 33.8% on the final two episodes, also broadcast back-to-back.

Critical response[edit]

The Little Nyonya has been critically acclaimed. However, despite being lauded as a drama that provides an insight into the unique Peranakan culture, the show has received criticism in local truyền thông media over portrayals and promotion. Issues that were raised early included the castings of Pan Lingling and Cynthia Koh vĩ đại portray teenage girls albeit being already in their thirties. This issue was counter-argued by being tantamount vĩ đại ageism, as well as the fact that it was raised only three episodes after the show began airing.[7] The character development of Xiufeng has come under fire due vĩ đại the character's exhibitions of violence.

Criticism was also leveled at MediaCorp's bias towards Jeanette Aw. Many viewers saw The Little Nyonya as a television series conceived as a launching vehicle for Aw's career in television and vĩ đại secure an award at the next Star Awards. Several viewers also believe that the producers intentionally wrote Aw's first role as a mute in attempt vĩ đại conceal her imperfect delivery of Mandarin.[8] In response, producers have lauded Aw's work, saying that she performed in a professional manner. Despite this, Aw's portrayal of Juxiang and Yueniang has been praised by members of the audience.[9]

Mass publicity for The Little Nyonya began two months before the show premiered – it had also received criticism from the public. Within MediaCorp, there are also some misgivings in regards vĩ đại the over-promotion this show has received. The cast of the long-running drama Love Blossoms have privately lamented that the show, which used vĩ đại receive tremendous amounts of advertising tư vấn from MediaCorp, is being neglected in favour of The Little Nyonya.[10]

As many of the Peranakan characters in the series (such as most of the Huang family, as well as Charlie Zhang and son Robert) are antagonists (Jincheng, Xiufeng and Huangyuan are part-time antagonists), many viewers think that the series will negatively stereotype Peranakans as being ruthless. In response, the show's writer, Ang Eng Tee, said that ruthlessness and petty politicking, which are basic human interactions, appears within any culture, and is not an exclusive trait of the Peranakans.[9]

Due vĩ đại the usage of dramatic license, the series also contains a significant number of historical inaccuracies, particularly in the first few episodes involving Juxiang's life and Yueniang's childhood. Notable examples include the outbreak of the Second Sino-Japanese War in 1932 (as opposed vĩ đại 1937) and the first air raid on Singapore (8 December 1941) occurring in broad daylight (which took place at night in reality).

The Little Nyonya: The Final Chapter[edit]

The scriptwriter of the series, Ang Eng Tee (also known as Hong Rongdi 洪荣狄), plotted five endings for the series, four of which would involve Yueniang and Chen Xi reuniting and living happily ever after.[11]

The ending used in the series was criticised by fans vĩ đại be too sad and abrupt. The response also prompted Ang vĩ đại say that had he know that viewers would react as such, he would have Yueniang and Chen Xi reunite, for TV dramas are, in his words, made for viewers.[2] In response vĩ đại the criticisms, MediaCorp decided vĩ đại make an alternate ending, which was aired on 11 January 2009 at 9:55 pm. The ending, titled "The Little Nyonya: The Final Chapter" (小娘惹之月娘与陈锡重逢篇, literally: "The Little Nyonya: The Chapter of Yueniang and Chen Xi Reuniting), lasted for three minutes. According vĩ đại producers, the script for the alternate ending was finalised on 8 January, and filming was completed on the following day.[12]

Although it was rumoured that the ending would reunite Yueniang and Chen Xi, and have them living happily ever after, the new ending merely had Yueniang and Chen Xi tell each other why they could not be together. Yueniang and Chen Xi ended up separated, just as it was in the original ending. This drew heavy criticism from viewers, who told local newspapers that they felt they were being cheated.[13] In response, MediaCorp said that this was not an "alternate ending", as some have suggested. Rather, it is a special presentation vĩ đại show the station's appreciation vĩ đại the fans of the series.[13]


This drama was seen as an extremely strong contender in the Star Awards 2009, held on 26 April 2009, minting a new record of having 16 nominations in the acting category, surpassing former record holder's Holland V (which got nine) until it was topped by the first season of The Dream Makers in năm trước, which have 21. The series became the biggest winner for the ceremony, taking home page nine awards including the Drama Serial and the Top Viewership Drama Serial of 2008 (tying with the first season of The Dream Makers later in 2014); it was at the time the series won the most awards in a Star Awards ceremony until in the năm nhâm thìn ceremony, the record was superseded by the second season of The Dream Makers, which received 26 nominations, and won 12.

The spin-off series, The Little Nyonya Reunion Special, and the promotional ad for the encore telecast for the series, were respectively nominated for Star Awards 2010 and Star Awards 2011, with the latter clinching the award.

In total, the entire Little Nyonya franchise won a combined 11 awards from four award ceremonies.

Year Award Category Nominee Result Ref
2009 Star Awards (Backstage Achievement) Young Talent Award Christabelle Tan 陈荢萱 Nominated
Best Director 最佳导演 Chia Mien Yang Won
Chong Liung Man Won
Best Screenplay 最佳剧本 Ang Eng Tee Won
Best Set Design 最佳戏剧布景设计 Ho Hock Choon Won
Best Theme Song 《如燕》 by Olivia Ong Won
Star Awards (Main Show) Best Actor Qi Yuwu Nominated
Pierre Png Nominated
Best Actress Jeanette Aw Nominated
Joanne Peh Won
Best Supporting Actor Dai Xiangyu Nominated
Darren Lim Nominated
Yao Wenlong Nominated
Zen Chong Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Eelyn Kok Nominated
Li Yinzhu Nominated
Lin Meijiao Nominated
Ng Hui Won
Xiang Yun Won
Best Drama Serial Won
Top 10 Highest Viewership Local Dramas in 2008 Award 十大最高收视率 Won
Asian Television Awards Best Actor Qi Yuwu Nominated
Pierre Png Nominated
Best Actress Joanne Peh Nominated
Best Drama Series The Little Nyonya Won
(Joint winner)
2010 Star Awards 2010 (Show 2) Best Variety Special The Little Nyonya Reunion Special
2011 Star Awards 2011 (Show 1) Best Promotional Video 最佳宣传短片 Danny Loh Boon Kiat 罗文杰 Won


The Little Nyonya has had notable cultural impact in Singaporean truyền thông media. It was notably parodied in the variety show, Black Rose. In the episode when the encore started its debut, Chen Hanwei played Liu Yidao (留一刀) and Dennis Chew portrayed Yamamoto Yue Niang (山本月娘). It was also used in the skit segment of Star Search 2010 Grand Finals in which contestants played Liu Yidao, Yuzhu, Ah Tao and Robert Zhang.

In an interview with Lianhe Wanbao, the series' scriptwriter, Ang Eng Tee, said that if the demand exists, he will write a special presentation, or even a sequel vĩ đại the series. Ideas for a possible sequel or special presentation have already been drafted by Ang, one of which would have Angela receiving a secret wooden box from Ah Tao, before Angela returns vĩ đại Singapore. The box was owned by Yueniang, and Ah Tao defied her orders vĩ đại burn the contents before Yueniang died. The box contained details on Yueniang and Chen Xi's relationship, in addition vĩ đại a letter from Libby, telling Yueniang that Chen Xi and Libby did not get married after all.[13] However, it was noted that production sequels have been much frowned upon by producers, and owing vĩ đại the high production costs, a sequel seems vĩ đại be very unlikely, but another drama in 2010 Unriddle is having a sequel vĩ đại the original in 2012.

The Peranakan Ball[edit]

On 16 May 2009, Jeanette Aw and Dai Xiangyu starred in a musical called The Peranakan Ball (Chinese: 娘惹之恋). The musical is based on the story of Cinderella and it stars Jeanette Aw as Bee Tin, a Nyonya servant in a wealthy Peranakan household, and unrelated vĩ đại the television series, even though the concept was clearly derived from the drama.[14]

Pretty Maid[edit]

While not promoted as such, and the program was produced by a different television station, many Singaporeans who watched the series Pretty Maid [zh] believe it copies the main plot of The Little Nyonya. Pretty Maid was produced by Yu Zheng and broadcast by Hunan Broadcasting System in Trung Quốc.[15] On 6 May, Pretty Maid's writer Li Yaling (李亚玲) claimed that Yu Zheng indeed plagiarized from The Little Nyonya.[16] She claimed that Yu Zheng once told her that as long as plagiarism does not exceed 20% then the courts would have no case. Another writer Zou Yue (邹越) also claimed vĩ đại have heard the "20% rule" from Yu Zheng.[16][17]

The Little Nyonya 2020 remake[edit]

In October 2018, it was announced that a Chinese remake of the show was in the works and would be aired on Chinese online video clip platform, iQiyi[18] initially slated for 2019,[19] but now in 2020.[20] It is a joint production between iQiyi, Changxin Pictures and Singapore-based G.H.Y Culture & Media and will star Xiao Yan, Kou Chia-Jui, Yue Lina, He Yuhong, Darren Chiu, Dai Xiangyu, Xiang Yun, Jeffrey Xu and Fang Cheng Cheng as the main leads. Additionally, Dai, who played Yamamoto Yousuke in the original series, is reprising as the same role in the remake series.[21][22] A mixture of Malaysian, Singaporean, and Chinese actors from Trung Quốc, Hong Kong, Taiwan and even Canada were cast as the other major and minor characters in the remake.

The remake's plot was generally reminiscent of the original's, though there are a few changes made vĩ đại the plot, with some filling the plot holes of the original. The significant changes are that in the ending, both Yueniang and Chen Xi are reunited six years after Yueniang's presumed death, and happily married; Yu Zhu's mental condition improved and she reunited with the Huang family after her recovery; the adopted son of Robert Zhang and Yu Zhu was named Huang Cien (黄慈恩) instead of Zuye (祖业), following his mother's surname while subsequently allowing his own descendants vĩ đại adopt the surname Chen (Chen Xi's surname); and that both Libby and Paul are engaged vĩ đại different people. Another hidden ending (albeit speculated) is that both Chen Xi and Yueniang have one daughter together, and the daughter was subsequently married vĩ đại Cien and have children with one another.[23]

Other changes were made vĩ đại the fates of some characters: Huang Tianbao; instead of being sentenced vĩ đại death, was shot and killed by police after attempting vĩ đại kill Chen Gong and Chen Xi, whom he took hostage for ransom, Huang Zhenzhu; who lost all her money vĩ đại her Caucasian lover whom she eloped with, and feeling too ashamed vĩ đại see her family, she became a prostitute who entertain British customers and subsequently died in a xế hộp accident, Charlie Zhang; who died protecting his son from being shot by Tianbao, and Robert Zhang; who was not killed by Tianbao but fell vĩ đại his death while trying vĩ đại escape from Tianbao. Unlike the original series, the whole remake series was narrated by Yueniang's granddaughter instead of Yueniang herself vĩ đại her granddaughter, as her granddaughter did not appear in the remake.

Singapore would eventually air the remake which premiered on 5 January 2021 at 11pm. The series finale aired on 10 March 2021.

Season 2[edit]

In October 2023, it was announced that a sequel vĩ đại the series would start production in 2024. Auditions are currently undergoing.[24] In January 2024, it was announced that the sequel vĩ đại the series will be named "Emerald Hill" (小娘惹之翡翠山) with Jeanette Aw making a special appearance vĩ đại the series, reprising her role as Yamamoto Yueniang. Other casts that will join in are Tasha Low, Chen Liping, Jesseca Liu, Chantalle Ng, Ferlyn G, Zoe Tay, Shaun Chen, Romeo Tan, Tyler Ten, Zhang Zetong, Dawn Yeoh, Desmond Ng, Zhang Yaodong, Herman Keh, Zhai Siming and Zhu Zeliang. This series is slated vĩ đại air in the first half of 2025.[25][26]

International release history[edit]

The drama serial was broadcast overseas, mostly in the Asian region.

Country of Broadcast Broadcasting Network Release Date
 Malaysia Astro Shuang Xing, Astro AEC 2 February 2009[27]
 Malaysia NTV7 26 October 2009
 Cambodia PPCTV Drama 9 29 March 2009
 France MIPTV 31 March 2009
 Philippines Associated Broadcasting Company(TV5) 24 August 2009
 Myanmar MRTV 5 September 2009
 United States Tai Seng Entertainment Channel (broadcast on DirecTV) 1 December 2009
 Vietnam Vietnam Television 12 August 2010
 China (Shanghai) TBA 2009
 China (run across Trung Quốc via satellite) TBA 16 January 2010 [28]
 Thailand Thai Public Broadcasting Service 20 January 2010
 Hong Kong TVB PayVision 26 April 2010
 Malaysia Astro AEC 16 December 2019

In Indonesia, aired on B Channel starts July 2011. The series was originally scheduled vĩ đại air in Malaysia in mid-January, but was later delayed vĩ đại February. The series was also aired by TV stations in Cambodia, Vietnam, and Mainland Trung Quốc.[29]

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On 1 December 2009, Tai Seng Entertainment Channel, an ethnic Chinese entertainment channel on DirecTV, became the first non-Asian station vĩ đại air The Little Nyonya. It is also the first station vĩ đại air the series with Cantonese dubbing.

Hong Kong broadcaster TVB purchased the rights vĩ đại telecast the series in April 2009,[30] and aired the series a year later, in late April 2010. Like the US, the series has also been Cantonese-dubbed.

The series was promoted at the MIPTV Television Trade Show in Cannes, France, near the kết thúc of March 2009. Qi Yuwu and Jeannette Aw were also in Cannes vĩ đại promote the series at MIPTV.[31]

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