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Chapter is out, sánh head over lớn the chapter discussion thread. Was great having y'all. Have a great week!


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Little summary of the chapter, thanks lớn redon from Arlong Park Forums.

Thanks lớn Redon

Chapter 1,081: "10th Ship Captain: Kuzan".

Màu sắc Spread in the cover. We can see Straw Hat crew sleeping with bubbles floating above them.

Chapter starts where last one ended. Kuzan appears and frozes Hibari, Koby runs lớn help her. Then Kuzan goes lớn face Garp (the other Blackbeard Pirates are not with him).

Kuzan: "Will you be able lớn kill your former "No.1 apprentice" lớn save your current one!? I lượt thích how you always have done whatever you liked... Now I'm doing the same, that's why I'm following Teach!!"

Garp: "I thought I taught you lớn live in the present!!"

A flashback about Teach and Kuzan starts, it took place in a certain island 1 year after Kuzan Vs. Akainu battle in Punk Hazard.

Part of the Blackbeard Pirates arrive lớn the island and they see some of their nakamas frozen (San Juan Wolf, Vasco Shot and Doc Q). Blackbeard Pirates enter in a bar and see Kuzan, then they drink and get along.

Lafitte whispers Teach lớn kill Kuzan and take his power for the crew. Kuzan hears it and gets angry, ready lớn fight against them. But Teach apologizes for Lafitte's words and offers Kuzan lớn join him instead.

Teach asks Kuzan about “the man with the burn scar" because it seems that man has the remaining Road Poneglyph. It is said that “the man with the burn scar" rides on a Black ship and he can create whirlpools lớn sink his enemies in the sea (we can see the silhouette of a ship while both talk about him).

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Shiryu: "Maybe that “man with the burn scar" works for World Government. It won't be a surprise if World Government keeps one Road Poneglyph with them lớn prevent pirates can reach One Piece.'

Kuzan denies knowing anything about that man.

Kuzan: "Umm... Maybe I'm that man!! Seriously, my only memories about Poneglyph are at Ohara. If I'd have seen a red stone there, I'd have remembered it..."

Flashback ends, Garp Vs. Kuzan continues. Kuzan uses his attack "Ice Ball" on Garp (like he did with Whitebeard in Marineford). But Garp breaks the ice easily.

Then Garp grabs Kuzan's head and uses a new attack.

Garp: "Those who hesitate are weak!! "Blue Hole" - Kanji mean "Fall lớn Seafloor")!!!"

Garp smashes Kuzan's body toàn thân and splits the ground with his fist. Kuzan's entire body toàn thân fall into the ground.

Cut lớn Winner Island, Law has been defeated. Teach is panting with blood on his face, he's deciding what he should tự now.

Teach: "Zehahaha!! What should I tự with his power!? Should I use it or... Maybe should I sell his power!?"

Bepo sees what is happening with his captain. Bepo then takes a special medicine that Chopper gave him. This medicine lets Bepo turn lớn Sulong size. Bepo looks badass in Sulong size, he's lượt thích a huge polar bear. We can see Bepo Sulong in one full page panel.

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Bepo attacks Teach before he can steal Law's power. Then Bepo takes Law into the sea. In a huge spread, we can see that "Polar Tang" has been destroyed and the rest of the Heart Pirates are in the sea or lying on the ground...

Narrator: "At Winner Island in the New World... The pirate Trafalgar Law and his Heart Pirates have been “defeated"!!"

End of the chapter. Break next week for Japanese Golden Week (full Shonen Jump magazine won't be published).