trang chủ danh tướng 3q

Mobile online game thẻ strategy, General Three Kingdoms fighting strategy is extremely good, very good, very good. fully converge the attractive features of the genre, turn base, turn-based game:

➢ Recruiting the general, leveling up the disorder
➢ Super strong combination, one team shoulder
➢ Corps attached, hard time with brothers
➢ Summon the Beast, the power is unexpected
➢ Fair play, no battle force

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The plot of the familiar Tam Quoc period recreates famous battles: the Tiger Lao Quan battle, the Red Cliff battle, the Battle of Perspective ... A series of unique features expressing Tam Quoc disorder such as: recruiting generals; War Corps; Beat Boss; Fair play. In addition, players also experience modern features: horse racing, archery in a large map.

3Q Generals - VNG with 2 chiều chibi graphics will immerse you in the mobile gaming world. From the combative skills of the generals of the Three Kingdoms, the tactics of arranging teams, the ability lớn recruit generals. All create a strategy game of bai, duoc Tam Quoc that you have lớn utter OMG every time you join.


Owning more than vãn 100 generals of the Three Kingdoms, the players will be directly recruiting the generals in Tam Quoc Chi world with different qualities. On the way lớn conquer and expand that land, legendary generals such as: Cat Long Gia Cat Luong, Luu Be, Quan Vu, Cao Cao, Ton Quyen, Tu Ma Y ... will help players fulfill the dream of claiming celestiality. lower, unified history of Three Kingdoms.

Each general thẻ in Danh Tuong 3Q - VNG shows the unique characteristics of typical titles: damage, healing, defense and unique and combined skills: ambush skills with generals, charm Get more properties, unique battle skills in this game.


Following the plot, if the owners and generals in the Three Kingdoms need a piece of land lớn develop their forces, sánh will General 3Q - VNG. They need lớn gather together into legions lớn develop forces and raze other mandarins in the mandarin chien feature. Join the legion lớn experience unique features: beat quấn lớn receive rare items, ask for or give rare pieces, inter-server corps, fight into war, Tam Quoc Chien Ky expresses brotherhood, hardships in connection .

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Characteristic, easy lớn play, fair and terrible reward is the factor that makes players have lớn participate in DT3Q. This is also one of the best features of the Tam Quoc mobile game that has been released in 2019.


Merge is a particularly important skill in Danh Tuong 3Q - VNG. Just need lớn own 02 3Q titles with a links lớn each other, when the battle of the general will be changed skills, power, one-way attack, taking a whole team is a small affair.

DT3Q will recreate the true 3Q world, capable of challenging the ingenious heads of players, including those who play genre games that are time-consuming, SLG games can also be conquered.


A very attractive feature for players DT3Q is the Battle of the server. Players will fight with coal only lớn be the most important. A fairest battlefield lớn show the talent lớn command a general.

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Each week, the system will honor players with the highest rank but this rank will change the week after another player takes the lead. Fair, competitive, attractive! What's better than vãn the fair play feature of the Warring King.


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