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A Chinese Odyssey Part Three


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Directed byJeffrey Lau
Screenplay byJeffrey Lau
Based onJourney đồ sộ the West
by Wu Cheng'en
Produced bySharon Yeung
Marco Mak
Chen Liang
Cyrus Ho
StarringHan Geng
Jacky Wu
Cho Seung-youn
Zhou Yixuan
Tiffany Tang
CinematographyBilly Ko
Edited byMarco Mak
Wang Gai-gai
Music byLowell Lo


Chunqiu Shidai (Tianjin) Pictures[1]
Star Alliance Movies

Distributed byHorgos Chunqiu Time Media
Beijing Joy Pictures
Tianjing Yinhe Media
Huaxia Film Distribution[1]
Shaw Organisation

Release date

  • September 14, 2016 (China)

Running time

93 minutes
Hong Kong
BudgetUS$20 million[2]
Box officeUS$48.4 million[3]

A Chinese Odyssey Part Three is a năm nhâm thìn Chinese-Hong Kong fantasy comedy drama film directed by Jeffrey Lau. It was released in Trung Quốc on September 14, năm nhâm thìn.[4] It won the Golden Angel Award for Film at the 12th Chinese American Film Festival.[5] The film is a sequel đồ sộ parts one and two of A Chinese Odyssey.


Taking place in an alternate timeline, Fairy Zixia used the Pandora's Box đồ sộ travel forward in time đồ sộ see the consequences of leaving a tear drop in Joker's heart, which led đồ sộ her "demise" and Joker being revealed as the reincarnation of the Monkey King. Fearing for her life and Joker's mental well being, she denounced her relationship đồ sộ Joker, which led đồ sộ him asking about what happened in the future. Zixia revealed đồ sộ him the fact that she left a mark in Joker's heart, leading đồ sộ Bai Jing Jing realizing that Joker will eventually stop having feelings for her, leading him đồ sộ fall for Zixia.

However, Zixia withheld the information about Joker being the Monkey King's reincarnation and tried đồ sộ make things right by forcing Joker into meeting with Bai Jing Jing much earlier phàn nàn in the original timeline. Unfortunately, Joker had already stopped having feelings for Jing-Jing and prevented Zixia's plan from going any further resulting in a slap from Zixia. After having a talk with Qingxia (Zixia's twin sister trapped in her body), Zixia decided đồ sộ go the Bull Demon King and marry him ví Joker can stop falling for her ví she left Joker - who was looking for her after being slapped - alone by himself.

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Joker continues his tìm kiếm for Zixia in the desert, where he witnessed this timeline's version of the Monkey King being subdued by Guanyin, with the difference being that the Longevity Monk used the Pandora's Box đồ sộ escape from being killed by the Monkey King and the time đồ sộ subdue the Monkey King took longer phàn nàn expected. After Guanyin left with the subdued Monkey King, Joker found himself left with the returning Longevity Monk and both were caught together by the Bull Demon King, being happy about having a second wife and the Longevity Monk being captured.

Meanwhile, in Heaven, Guanyin handed over the subdued Monkey King đồ sộ the Jade Emperor, discussing about the overwhelming presence of demons and fearing that the Sealed Book had a mistake in it, which Jade Emperor reassures her that the Book is never wrong. As Guanyin left đồ sộ report the progress đồ sộ the Buddha, the Jade Emperor unsealed the Monkey King, who is revealed đồ sộ be the Six-Eared Monkey, revealing that the Sealed Book did not mention about the Monkey King in the initial pilgrimage at all as he was born 500 years later as Joker, causing the Jade Emperor đồ sộ get the Six-Eared Monkey fill in the role until Joker arrived from the future. This eventually leads đồ sộ the Jade Emperor betraying the Six-Eared Monkey and have him slowly burn in the Great Oven.

In the residence of the Bull Demon King, Zixia and Qingxia were talking about the possible married life with the Bull Demon King, with Zixia realizing that the Pandora's Box was missing and suspecting that Qingxia had given it đồ sộ the Six-Eared Monkey, with a flashback revealing that she was an ex-lover of his. Zixia was soon confronted with Princess Iron Fan (铁扇公主) and her son Red Child (红孩子), resulting in a fight between the two women, leading Zixia being blown past the just arrived Bull Demon King, Joker and Longevity Monk. The Bull Demon King, realizes the trouble he's in and instructs Joker đồ sộ take the Longevity Monk and Zixia đồ sộ his sister, Xiang Xiang while he tries đồ sộ stall the Princess for time. While on the lập cập, Joker demands đồ sộ know why Zixia left him alone whereas the Longevity Monk accidentally found a way đồ sộ leave by freeing one of the Bull King's Giant Bulls. The trio escaped, but were chased by Red Child until both Joker and Logevity Monk accidentally stole his fire wheels (used for flight).

Upon arriving at Xiang Xiang's Palace, the trio met with Xiang Xiang and, much đồ sộ their horror, witnessed her devouring a man whole. She challenged the trio and defeated them, leading them đồ sộ being locked up in the dungeon. It was then that Zixia tells Joker about her demise in the original timeline, and why she tried ví hard đồ sộ stop Joker from developing feelings for her. At the same time, the Bull Demon King arrived đồ sộ reconcile with Xiang Xiang about the execution of her lover, Mantis, by his own hands, which she rejected as Mantis was the only true love đồ sộ her. It was at this time that the Longevity Monk played the main theme of the entire A Chinese Odyssey series, leading đồ sộ Joker and Zixia kissing at the kết thúc of the tuy nhiên. The Demon Bull King and Xiang Xiang saw the silhouettes of them kissing, causing the siblings đồ sộ burst into the dungeon only đồ sộ see the Longevity Monk taking Zixia's place. When Xiang Xiang saw this, she ended up drooling implying that she's interested in Joker, thus allowing the Bull Demon King giving his blessing đồ sộ Joker for Xiang Xiang's hand in marriage.

While preparations for the Bull Demon King's 2nd wedding is underway, Joker and Xiang Xiang talked about Mantis and the reason she did not use the Pandora's Box đồ sộ prevent his death while the Bull Demon King tried đồ sộ impress Zixia. He asked Joker for tips on how đồ sộ impress Zixia, with Joker using the Pandora's Box multiple times, the first few times đồ sộ play a game on the Bull King, 2 times đồ sộ get rid of the Bull King and Xiang Xiang, and the last đồ sộ get himself and Zixia away from the ceremony, only for the plan đồ sộ backfire forcing all 4 of them đồ sộ return. The Bull Demon King, angry at the series of events, tries đồ sộ kill Joker while Xiang Xiang chases after Zixia, only đồ sộ have Zixia captured while Qingxia was forced out of Zixia's toàn thân. The Bull Demon King's rampaging was soon interrupted by the arrival of his wife, Princess Iron Fan and Red Child, only for him and Red Kid đồ sộ find out the Princess had an affair with the Monkey King, causing him đồ sộ punish Joker and Zixia by forcing them đồ sộ marry at the ceremony.

Meanwhile, in Heaven, the Jade Emperor was shocked đồ sộ find out the Sealed Book had changed, forcing him đồ sộ không tính tiền Six-Ear Monkey from the Great Oven, and accidentally revealing đồ sộ him that the Longevity Monk is the Monkey and Qingxia's son and finding out that Qingxia knew everything about the mistake in the Sealed Book. Thus, the Jade Emperor allowed Qingxia đồ sộ repossess her toàn thân and let Six-Eared Monkey đồ sộ go rescue his son while still under the guise of the Monkey King. Six-Eared Monkey crashed the wedding, revealed that he started the affair with the Princess, while maintaining "the fact" that Joker is not the Monkey King, and started battling with the entire Bull household, with Qingxia arriving later rescue Zixia from Xiang Xiang and trading places with Zixia in order for the prophecy đồ sộ remain true, with a few changes. The battle ended up with the Bull siblings finally reconciled as Xiang Xiang being forced đồ sộ consume her brother just ví đồ sộ have a fighting chance against Six-Eared Monkey. The Heavenly Army arrived đồ sộ provide backup for Six-Eared Monkey, Qingxia sustaining a blow in the process. As he saw this, Six-Eared Monkey breaks không tính tiền from Xiang Xiang's grasp đồ sộ grab Qingxia while the Heavenly Army and General Li Jing dealt the final blow and sealed Xiang Xiang once and for all.

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Five hundred years later, Six-Eared Monkey accompanied his son and his disciples on the pilgrimage, while Joker and Zixia watch on after kissing on the top of the wall, mentioning about Six-Eared wanting đồ sộ be reunited with Qingxia as quickly as possible. A day in Heaven later (10 yrs later on earth), Longevity Monk became a Buddha while his parents stay together as the Wick for the Buddha's Lamp, only for their day interrupted by the Jade Emperor saying that the Sealed Book changed again.....


  • Han Geng as Sun Wukong
  • Wu Jing as Tang Sanzang
  • Cho Seung-youn as Zhu Bajie
  • Zhou Yixuan as Sha Wujing
  • Tiffany Tang as Zixia and Qing Xia
  • Karen Mok as Baigujing
  • Zhang Chao as Bull Demon King
  • Zhang Yao as Niu Xiang Xiang
  • Wang Yibo as Red Boy
  • Gillian Chung as Spider Woman
  • Xie Nan as Princess Iron Fan
  • He Jiong as Erlang Shen
  • Hu Jing as Guanyin
  • Huang Zheng as Jade Emperor
  • Chai Ge as Huang Xiaoming
  • Jeffrey Lau
  • Corey Yuen[4]

Film song[edit]

  • one's lifelong love(一生所爱)
  • Only You

Awards and nominations[edit]

Awards Category Name Result
Golden Lotus Award at the 8th Macao International Film Festival Best Actress Tiffany Tang nomination
Best Supporting Actress Karen Mok nomination
Best Screenplay Jeffrey Lau nomination
23rd Hong Kong Film Critics Association Awards Best Screenplay nomination
8th Golden Broom Award The Most Disappointing Director win a prize
The most disappointing film A Chinese Odyssey Part Three nomination
2016 China-US Film Festival Golden Angel Awards Ceremony Golden Angel Film Awards win a prize

Box office[edit]

A Chinese Odyssey Part Three was released in Trung Quốc amidst the Mid-Autumn Festival from which it benefitted. The film opened Wednesday, September 14 and delivered $6.26 million on its first day. It climbed higher đồ sộ $13.1 million on Thursday (due largely because the festival fell on this day) and held đồ sộ $9.61 million on Friday (since Friday was also a holiday), before dropping đồ sộ $5.71 million on Saturday and finally $2.67 million on Sunday (since work resumed on Sunday).[6] In total, the film made $33.3 million in five days according đồ sộ data from Ent Group and $17.3 over the three days of the weekend (Friday đồ sộ Sunday), according đồ sộ ComScore easily topping the Chinese box office and recorded an opening nearly double the second place Z Storm 2 if going by the five-day figure.[6] If we go by the former five-day figure, that means it was the top international earner of the weekend, but going by the latter number, it ranks in third place, behind Bridget Jones's Baby and The Age of Shadows.[7]

Following a first-place finish, the film went on đồ sộ hold the top position for the second weekend in a row but fell precipitously by earning just $5.97 million (Friday đồ sộ Sunday) and $13.3 million in its second full week (Monday đồ sộ Sunday). This was despite competition from newcomer Hollywood animated film Storks.[8][9] The huge fall was due đồ sộ mixed word of mouth and since the week before National Day (prior đồ sộ October 1) is typically a dumping ground for releasing films in which distributors have little confidence in their films' box office potential.[10]


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