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When you feel things, you owe it to tướng yourself to tướng tell people.

—Marin Kitagawa to tướng Wakana Gojo, Chapter 1

Marin Kitagawa ( () () (がわ) 海夢 (まりん) , Kitagawa Marin?) is the main female protagonist in the Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo suru series.

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Marin Kitagawa is an above-average height girl with a slim waistline and light skin tone. Her eyes are naturally a dark brown, though she is almost always seen with dark pink color contacts when she isn't cosplaying. She has long, glittery-pink acrylic nails. She has smooth blonde hair with an ombré transition to tướng pinkish-red or citrus orange at the tips and reaching down to tướng her waist in the rear; her bangs cover a majority of her forehead and eyebrows, reaching to tướng her eyelashes; two locks of hair flow over her shoulders and over around chest height. Her hairstyles include long straight hair, a single ponytail, a double ponytail, a double knot on top, a bun, and a single top ponytail.

Marin typically wears multiple silver ear piercings which include a captive bead ring through each earlobe as well as two round studs in her right ear, three round studs in her left ear, and a barbell in an industrial piercing through her left ear. In the manga, she can be seen with a tongue piercing, but this was not included in the anime.

Marin's attire varies according to tướng where she is. At school, she wears a white button shirt with one chest pocket the her left, a navy-blue tie, a plaid skirt, Black socks, and brown shoes. She also tends to tướng wear a stretchy Black choker, two bracelets on her left arm, and a ring on both her right pinkie and left index finger. Her casual attire includes a variety of outfits, allowing her to tướng select one suited to tướng the occassion.

Cosplay 1: Shizuku Kuroe[]

Marin Kitagawa cosplaying as Shizuku Kuroe

Marin wears a Black shoulder-length wig with a violet tint, her bangs slightly spread out and covering her forehead, extending just above the nhái eyelashes. The eyelashes are moderately long but only on the outer corners of the eye to tướng create a droopy eye impression. She wears purple color contacts and her eye shadow is red. Her eyebrows are shaved and new eyebrows are drawn to tướng best mimic the expression. She wears a Black mob cap with three red artificial roses on top, the mob cap having an embroidered rose pattern. She dons a Black maid gown with frills where the arm meets the torso. The cuffs are extended to tướng cover the hand and widen towards the over lượt thích a cone and the over is ruffled. There is a brown leather choker attached to tướng a metal ring with a chain extending from it. She also wears a tie. Her breast pockets cover the breasts, with two strings tied in a loop-back pattern going from frill to tướng frill. A few NuBra's are stacked beneath the breast pockets to tướng make them look bigger. She is slimmest directly beneath the breasts, where the dress starts. There are at least three layers to tướng the dress, including a crinoline to tướng make the dress look fluffy. The top layer is a rose embroidered pattern with frilled at the over, then there's a Black layer and a frilled layer beneath. She wears Black rose embroidered stockings. There is also a tulle and garter belt. The stockings are connected to tướng the underwear with two strings on each leg. She wears Black platform heels. The number 17 is written on her thighs, right beneath the underwear, as a detail of how many times Shizuku had intercourse. The way 17 is written is in Chinese tally marks, so sánh another telly mark is added by each intercourse Shizuku has had. Why it says 17 is unknown, it might be what Marin got in her playthrough of Saint ♡ Slippery's Academy for Girls - The Young Ladies of the Humiliation Club: Debauched Miracle Life 2.

Cosplay 2: Black Lobelia[]

Marin Kitagawa cosplaying as Black Lobelia

Marin wears an officer's cap with a fleur-de-lis on the cap and an officer's jacket with epaulets and fringes. Beneath that she wears a cap. There's also an imitating jewel on her chest. Her dress is layered and fringed at the edges. Her accessories also include a choker and Black gloves. She wears different color contacts symbolizing Heterochromia, her left being xanh rì and her right being red.

Cosplay 3: Prisoner Veronica[]

Marin wears a platinum blonde wig with a white choker, jagged teeth, a small cloth around the chest that emphasizes her under-boob, and short pants. For this cosplay, she wears orange-yellow color contacts and applies a foundation, so sánh her skin tone matches Veronica's. It was finished quickly, thanks to tướng its simple design, but Marin did not use it due to tướng its large amount of skin exposure.

Cosplay 4: Liz-kyun[]

Marin Kitagawa cosplaying as Rizu-kyun

Marin wears a burgundy red wig with twin tails and even bangs that go down her shoulders, her back hair being tied in pigtails with Black, puffy hair bands that have horns. She also wears attachable pointed ears. The top piece of her outfit consists of a Black, long sleeved top with a white ruffled yoke that has a white, buttoned collar that extends downwards along with a white ribbon. The sleeves are baggy and are cut off by white cuff sleeves with ruffles. Since the back of Liz-kyun's outfit isn't visible in the SuccuIDK manga thanks to tướng the art-style and being covered by Liz's hair, Wakana took creative initiative and made the back of the yoke an upside-down heart shape. The bottom piece consists of only underwear, and the outfit is fitted with devil wings and a tail with a spade at the over. For this cosplay, her nail color is changed from glittery pink to tướng Black, and she wears olive green color contacts.

Cosplay 5: Shizuku Kuroe[]

Disgraceful Teahouse Shizuku Colored

Marin reprises her role as Shizuku Kuroe, this time wearing Shizuku's Disgraceful Teahouse attire. As before, Marin wears a shoulder-length purple wig. On it, she wears a white ruffled headband with two Black bows on the sides. Her dress is cut in a kimono style and features small Black lace at the collar and large white ruffles at the cuffs, which extend past her hands. The upper portion of the kimono consists of opaque gray lace containing stylized roses. The lower portion is a solid dark gray with pleating. Over the dress, she wears a french maid's apron with ruffled shoulder straps. The apron has a thick waistband, worn just below the breasts and laced in the front, with a white bow at the rear of the band so sánh large that it extends from just below her shoulders to tướng her hips, where its ends terminate in ruffles. The apron extends to tướng around knee height, where it terminates in the ruffles. On her feet, Marin wears Victorian style women's boots which over above the ankle. The boots have a moderate heel, a pointed toe, and no visible laces or buckles. Though her hands are often covered by the long sleeves of her dress, she wears gloves of opaque gray lace with a flower pattern. Marin wears shorts under the dress and, true to tướng sườn, wrote the teahouse's thực đơn on her legs. This costume lacks the large breasts of Marin's first Shizuku rendition.

Cosplay 6: Arisa Izayoi[]

She wears a high-cut Black strapless leotard with a suit jacket, gartered stockings, heels, a detached collar and bow tie, a rabbit ear headband, and a fluffy tail.

Cosplay 7: Rei Kogami[]

Marin has short hair with a mid-part in the middle. The attire is a white suit jacket with a Black lapel, a white vest with Black buttons, a Black button shirt with a royal design, white pants, Black shoes, a rainbow rose in her chest pocket, and a white tie. The suit is a tight fit and provides her with a masculine figure.

Cosplay 8: Sakuya Shiratori[]

Marin is wearing a gray wig with bangs which was styled by Wakana. For her outfit, she is wearing a ready-made movie version of Sakuya's school uniform. The uniform is a dark-colored gakuran. The top has a standing collar buttoning down from top-to-bottom.

Cosplay 9: Rose[]

Marin wears a ready-made nun habit. She also wears a rosary around her neck. Her hair is a Black wig that is tied up in a loose bun with bangs swept to tướng the left, although her bun is not visible under the habit. Her makeup has a horror feel to tướng it, with mascara applied heavily on her lower lashes. After the dining scene, her face, hands, and nun habit are stained with nhái blood.

Cosplay 10: Archangel Haniel[]

The most challenging costume for Gojo to tướng make, Marin wears a mantle with a white piece worn loosely around the neck. This neck-piece has two sets of laces on the front, though they don't actually tighten the fabric. The remainder of the mantle is dark gray with a gold stripe at the border and hangs to tướng approximately waist length. The front of the mantle is left open, with two long strips dangling to tướng ankle height. These strips come to tướng a triangular point, from which dangles a bead and then a tassel. Two wider triangular strips hầm from the rear of the mantle, also coming a point with bead and tassel.

Under the mantle, voluminous white sleeves drape past the hands. It's unclear if these are attached as an underlayer to tướng mantle or to tướng the chest piece, which is a corset within a stylized rib cage. The rib cage is the color of bleached bone and the corset is Black at the top, gradually transitioning to tướng white at the bottom. Marin wears a pair of riding pants that extend up under the corset and down into her thigh-high boots. The boots come to tướng a spade-shaped point at the top-front and extend down into heels with a moderately pointed toe and heel shaped vaguely lượt thích a finger bone.

In this costume, Marin wears very pale makeup except thin red lipstick and abundant pink brown eye shadow. The costume includes nhái eye lashes, which are especially long on top. Marin wears light xanh rì contacts and a nearly-white wig with hints of pink and gray. The wig has bangs cut just above her eyes (below her brows) and straight chest-length hair elsewhere. She wears no jewelry in this costume and maintains an emotionless appearance, occasionally incorporating Haniel's mirthless smile.


Marin is boisterous, extravagant, messy, and while quite mature, she's also clumsy. As a cosplayer and huge otaku, Marin is a big of người yêu thích of magical girl anime and adult đoạn phim games. She strongly desires to tướng cosplay as certain characters, seeing the notion of dressing up and becoming said characters as the ultimate sườn of love for them.

Marin's love for the characters she likes extends to tướng the point where she won't cosplay as them if she feels as though she can't fit their appearance, not wanting to tướng spoil their image.

She is notably very kind, friendly, cheerful, and outgoing. It is shown that Marin greatly dislikes overly-critical people that judge others for their interests, causing her to tướng reject the advances of a boy at the start of the series, who poked fun at her liking anime. Marin's non-judgmental outlook and friendly nature causes her to tướng greatly admire Wakana, not caring that the boy is seen as awkward and quiet by others. She saw no reason to tướng keep their newfound friendship and a secret, openly greeting him in the school hallways and later treating him at a ramen restaurant.

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Marin holds her own values and can be quite earnest when it comes to tướng it, despite her cheery and carefree attitude. For example, she easily saw how Wakana was being taken advantage of by his classmates and told him that he shouldn't put up with that. Also, when Wakana began purposefully avoiding her out of embarrassment due to tướng other students finding out about their friendship, Marin confronted him herself, telling Wakana to tướng tell her outright if he had a problem with being around her.

While possessing a mature side, Marin can be something of a scatterbrain on occasion. She poorly knitted a prototype of her first cosplay outfit (Shizuku), despite a guidebook she possessed having step-by-step instructions. She is also a procrastinator, often opting to tướng watch anime over doing work and completely losing track of time as a result. Despite this, she can be surprisingly proactive at times, such as finding out where Wakana lived so sánh they could start their first cosplay project right away rather than thở waiting over the weekend. Marin claims that when she gets an idea, she doesn't waste time and gets straight to tướng it, revealing a more rash and impulsive side.

Marin is shown to tướng be very bold and immodest, as she had no problem with allowing Wakana to tướng take her measurements for her first cosplay outfit, and doing so sánh while wearing a bathing suit despite still being early on in their friendship. She has a more teasing side, sometimes making jokes at Wakana's expense and laughing at whenever he gets embarrassed and flustered. These moments can be embarrassing for Marin as well however, particularly when she begins to tướng realize her own feelings for him.

Despite being carefree, Marin isn't thoughtless of others, far from it. She is selfless and doesn't want to tướng burden others by any means; instead, she tends to tướng blame herself instead of putting it on others, warmly apologizing for any inconvenience, no matter how small. After seeing that Wakana had worn himself out to tướng get her Shizuku outfit finished and fully sewn; a result of her not being clear with when she needed the outfit to tướng be done. She broke down in remorse and tearfully apologized to tướng him after realizing he had worked himself down to tướng the bone for her sake, all the while juggling his own responsibilities, such as studying for midterm exams, as well as manning his grandfather's Hina doll cửa hàng and visiting him when the latter had hurt his back.

She has a habit of being embarrassed by seemingly insignificant things, while being woefully unaware or uncaring of clearly more humiliating factors. During the cosplay sự kiện as Shizuku, when a photographer Suzuka snapped a picture of her as the wind blew up her skirt and showed her boxers, Marin was more concerned that she wasn't looking at the camera rather than thở the raunchy photo of her, even when Suzuka apologized and said she'd delete it. When Marin hastily greeted Wakana at her apartment, she was startled and embarrassed to tướng find out that she wasn't wearing her pink color contacts, rather than thở the fact she was still in her nightwear and had most of her top half exposed.

Marin also loves eating but still manages to tướng maintain her slender figure, until later on in chapter 64. She's not a very good cook either, as her meals are often greasy and contain large quantities of meat and rice.


Marin's mother died when she was very young, leaving her under the care of her father. Though he loves her, Marin's father is often called to tướng work abroad, leaving her to tướng live alone most days. Prior to tướng the start of the series, Marin secured a part-time job as an amateur model.


One day, Marin falls and hits her head on Wakana Gojo's table and apologizes, marking the first yet brief conversation between the two. The next day, Wakana and Marin are both assigned to tướng afterschool cleaning, though things still remain awkward between the two. One day, Wakana was planning to tướng use the school's sewing machine to tướng work on a doll but coincidentally, Marin comes in and spots him. After admiring Wakana's doll and praising his work, Marin asks if Wakana could help her create cosplays, which Wakana accepts. Thus, a friendship blossoms between the two and the series begins.


Wakana Gojo[]

At the beginning of the series, it is shown that Wakana and Marin are classmates but have rarely ever talked. With Marin being popular and outgoing, Wakana describes her as being in a whole different world than thở him and always at the center of attention. The two briefly talk after Marin accidentally bumps into Wakana's desk, but Wakana shuts this down after becoming too nervous. The two later are put on afterschool cleaning activities, but things remain awkward and silent. One day, after catching Wakana using the school's sewing machine and learning that he was a hina dollmaker, she asks him to tướng make her cosplay clothes and reveals she has a deep passion for cosplaying. Wakana promises he'll help her out and receives commission fees for his work. She is very vocal about complimenting his costumes and always supports him in anything he does. At the over of Volume 2, Marin realizes she is in love with Wakana, and throughout the series, continually does whatever she can to tướng invite him to tướng places and spend time with him. In chapter 36, they went to tướng a love khách sạn during a shoot, leaving Marin flustered and her heart beating frantically. After her father demanded that she vì thế her summer homework, she frequently went to tướng Wakana's house for him to tướng help her homework and eat with him. Marin tends to tướng get flushed around Wakana if he says anything to tướng compliment her, and admires his passion to tướng vì thế what he loves. She can also get frustrated with Wakana when he outright denies any rumor that the two are dating, given that Wakana thinks that she would never date someone lượt thích him (unknowing to tướng her), leaving her upset. It's clear that just being around him makes her happy, and she's never once denied a rumor or disliked the idea that they're together, while also being happy upon hearing that Wakana is single and always has been, clearly hinting that she wants more in their friendship.

Kaoru Gojo[]

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Nowa Sugaya[]

Among her group of friends, Marin is often seen hanging out with Nowa outside of her work with Wakana. They are shown to tướng get along well, as they've both gone to tướng have their hair done and have eaten together.

Daia & Rune[]

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Sajuna Inui[]

Marin is a major người yêu thích of Juju's cosplays, finding her immensely adorable. Upon meeting her in the flesh at Wakana's house, Marin freaks out and fangirls over her to tướng the point of making Sajuna uncomfortable. The two have a stable friendship, and Marin was overjoyed to tướng have cosplayed with her. While Sajuna refused to tướng vì thế a collaboration cosplay with her at first, Marin convinced her by saying that she'd split the studio rent. It is clear that they both enjoyed their time afterwards.

Shinju Inui[]

Marin was eager to tướng meet Sajuna's younger sister in wanting to tướng learn about Juju's photography. At first she pictured Shinju as a smaller and cuter version of her older sister, but was quite surprised to tướng find out that Shinju was both taller and older-looking than thở Sajuna. Regardless, the two become good friends quickly. Marin was also in awe over her Soma cosplay, finding her male appearance with a girl's face to tướng be amazingly dễ thương. When Wakana revealed that him and Shinju kept the latter's cosplay a secret and that the two worked together on it, Marin showed some signs of jealousy that Wakana worked with another girl on cosplaying alone, but she soon shrugged it off.

Akira Ogata[]

In the first moment, Akira seemed to tướng not lượt thích Kitagawa, and try to tướng avoid her as much as possible. On chapter 85, is revealed that actually Akira is actually a big người yêu thích of Marin since she saw her Black Lobelia cosplay and avoided getting close to tướng her because she got nervous being around her. She considers her her "Princess" and says she bought every issue of the magazines in which Marin appeared.

Manabu & Hikaru[]

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Mr. Kitagawa (Father)[]

They are on friendly terms, although he wishes that she'd be more hard-working because her laziness is taking after him.

Mrs. Kitagawa (Mother)[]

She died when Marin was a kid from an illness[5]


  • The name Marin (2) means "sea dream" (海夢).
  • Marin's surname Kitagawa means "joy" (喜) (ki), "many" (多) (ta) and "river, stream" (川) (kawa/gawa).



  • Prisoner Veronica is an evident reference to tướng Ramlethal Valentine of the Guilty Gear series, more specifically of the Xrd series.
    • In the anime, her character preview that Marin and Wakana watched is akin to tướng those of Guilty Gear -Strive-'s character trailers.
  • Despite her elegant demeanor and the fact that she enjoys going to tướng beaches, Marin is apparently unskilled at swimming or even floating.



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