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yue eun

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Story 9.5

Acting/Cast 9.0

Music 9.0

Rewatch Value 10

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players slayed and master of games.

(please note that this is my first time writing a review sánh it might not be very good! but i hope this provides you with an intel on the show!)

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it was long awaited but worth it! you need to lớn watch the first season for the opening, introductions of characters. the second season is a continuation of the first season.

the storyline is simple, you play a game and earn visas. without these visas, you will die and a high chance of you dying when you lose in a game. continuation of the first season, this season focuses on the jacks, queens and kings which are the highest or highest, that only means that the challenges are harder and harder.

the games might be simple, but there are a lot of thinking and thoughts needed to lớn outplay the other players. let's be honest, despite knowing that the main characters will not die, i feel safe about it. however, the suspend, the intensity is still there. there are surprises here and there for you to lớn unwrap as the show goes on. one thing i would love is where they would explore more of different games and have a longer duration! lượt thích come on, i want more than vãn 8 episodes.

i know there are some people that don't like/prefer japanese's acting but i feel lượt thích it is rather realistic. after watching many japanese dramas, i often feel lượt thích it is an autumn acting. i don't know what's an autumn acting but it is something more of feeling the autumn vibes. just because it is not up to lớn your preference, it does not mean that it is not good.

an example would be arisu (kento)'s acting in the first episode where he was running super fast. the facial expression might be foreign to lớn some but it was realistic. as you're running in your fullest tốc độ, you wouldn't be looking good or near perfect. if you're wondering on the mature scenes, other than vãn the bloody deaths, niragi, and yamapi's butt cheeks, the rest are fine.

what tự i lượt thích about the show?
- games
- how the players play the game
- interactions between the players
- their acting

what i dislike about the show?
- too short
- niragi (this asshole never changes)

all the games are amazing but one that blew my mind was the queen of hearts. yes, it is the hearts. the ending is good, but i would love to lớn see the other characters get back the memory during the time here. i just wish for a 3rd season with longer duration or more episodes.

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i hope that this review helps you guys or i will delete it LOL! anyways, have fun watching alice in borderland season 2!

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