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    • Japanese Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi o Suru


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    • Sono Kisekae Ningyou wa Koi o Suru, Sono Kisekae Ningyou wa Koi wo Suru, Kisekoi, More Than a Doll, Sexy Cosplay Doll , Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru


15-year-old high school student Wakana Gojo lives with his grandfather, who runs a small cửa hàng for traditional Japanese dolls. Wakana has been fascinated by his grandfather’s handicraft since early childhood and therefore tries to tát make the perfect dolls himself – but this turned him into an outsider without friends at school.

One day, in the school’s handicrafts room, he meets Marin Kitagawa, his charming classmate who is friends with pretty much everyone, always dresses in high fashion and is extremely popular. When Marin sees that Wakana knows how to tát use a sewing machine, she is totally thrilled and tells him about her dream of cosplaying her favourite character! Since Wakana also sews the clothes for his dolls, he suits Marin just fine, and when she accepts him despite his hobby and doesn’t demean him, a strange relationship begins to tát develop between the two young people that brings them closer to tát more phàn nàn just their dreams.


Der 15-jährige Oberschüler Wakana Gojo lebt bei seinem Großvater, der einen kleinen Laden für traditionelle japanische Puppen betreibt. Wakana ist schon seit frühster Kindheit begeistert vom Handwerk seines Großvaters und versucht deshalb, selbst die perfekten Puppen herzustellen – was ihn in der Schule jedoch zum Außenseiter ohne Freunde gemacht hat.

Eines Tages trifft er lặng Handarbeitsraum der Schule auf Marin Kitagawa, seine bezaubernde Mitschülerin, die mit ví ziemlich jedem befreundet, immer hochmodisch gekleidet und äußerst beliebt ist. Als Marin sieht, dass Wakana mit einer Nähmaschine umgehen kann, ist sie total begeistert und erzählt ihm von ihrem Traum, ihren Lieblingscharakter zu cosplayen! Da Wakana auch die Kleider für seine Puppen näht, kommt er Marin gerade recht, und als diese ihn trotz seines Hobbys akzeptiert und nicht erniedrigt, beginnt sich zwischen den beiden jungen Menschen eine seltsame Beziehung zu entwickeln, die die beiden nicht nur ihren Träumen näher bringt.


Main genres / Subsidiary Genres / Tags

  • Romantic ComedyA cheerful and mostly comical love story.">Romantic Comedy
  • ComedyIs supposed to tát make the audience laugh.">Comedy
  • EcchiDescribes either sex-related humor or generally sexual scenes, but not actual intercourse.">Ecchi
  • RomanceDeals with romantic relationships between the protagonists.">Romance
  • Slice of LifeThis title giao dịch with the steady and ordinary daily life of its protagonists.">Slice of Life
  • Heroine of Strong CharacterSelf-confident heroine who is not afraid of confrontations.">Heroine of Strong Character
  • High SchoolThe setting is a (Japanese) high school (from class 10 to tát 12 in Japan).">High School
  • OtakuOne of the most important characters has a passion for anime, manga or similar topics.">Otaku
  • PresentThe story takes place in the present time. Specifically the time between World War II and nowadays.">Present
  • SchoolThe plot focuses solely on school life and the activities this involves.">School
  • Verbal ComedyComedy which is based on humorous dialogues.">Verbal Comedy



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