dragon ball super chap 86 spoiler

I’m getting into more Young Sheldon-esque titles these days; have you noticed? That show uses stuff lượt thích “Poker, Faith, and a Basket of Eggs.” They’re always something lượt thích. I couldn’t decide on whether đồ sộ make the title about Granolah, or about the pun with Gas’ new power up. So I shrugged and went with both. That said: Pretty Good Chapter. If we had gotten đồ sộ this conclusion a few months earlier, then maybe this arc would kết thúc on a high note. But it got stretched out đồ sộ h#ll and back and now has this “jaded” @$$ pacing.

It’s whatever; at least the conclusion of the fight is good! Dragon Ball Super Chapter 86: “All-Out Bout.” Haha- Rhyming titles. Let’s begin.

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Following last month’s chapter: Gas- at the behest of Elec- starts đồ sộ go beyond his limit, đồ sộ a dangerous extent. He describes it at “burning his cells đồ sộ give him more power(“fuel,” get it?).” And with all that power- on top of feeling intense, extreme ecstasy- is stronger than vãn ever. And using that same power, he force chokes Goku, with the promise of twisting his head off. Goku warps behind him with Instant Transmission, but……….. no dice. Gas then warps behind him and throws him into the forest.

Gokue tries đồ sộ catch his bearings, but Gas creates a giant twister đồ sộ knock him off balance again, firing several ki blasts at him đồ sộ keep him busy. As Goku crashes đồ sộ the ground; Elec brags about how right he was about Gas. But Macki and Oil are thinking otherwise- they sense something “off” about this whole thing. Even is Ki constructs are little more jagged than vãn before, and they just extensions of his limbs more than vãn anything else. Gas himself describes it as his “power being liberated from his flesh.” Which he uses đồ sộ pummel Goku further.

They’re about đồ sộ collide once again when a stray blast breaks them up. Granolah has returned đồ sộ the scene!! He jets up there and attacks…….. Goku?!! Hunh? It’s not what you think; he just had đồ sộ get Goku away from Gas ví they could come up with a plan. Which they do: Granolah will huyệt back charging up a finisher while Goku keeps Gas busy. “Easier said than vãn done” considering Gas’ hatred for Granolah and new power.

Goku does his absolute best, but Gas overwhelms him and almost hits Granolah with a ki blast. Goku utilizes the last of his power đồ sộ shield Granolah as he shield Vegeta last time. Enraged; Gas fires a barrage of ki attacks at Goku, taking him out of the fight for a minute. All seems lost until Vegeta comes đồ sộ help. He holds Gas back for awhile, but Macki and Oil present a problem. So Monaito uses his sole combat technique: HYPNOSIS. Coulda…….. used that earlier when they were about đồ sộ dog your @$$, but whatever, I guess.

Granolah is now left đồ sộ focus all his power into his fingers, as the ball gets bigger and bigger. Gas breaks away from Vegeta, and tries đồ sộ stop this. Goku awakens in Mastered Ultra Instinct- and summons his All Mighty Not-Susanoo!!!! I’ve taken đồ sộ calling this “Susanooku.” Get it?

Susanooku Returns!!

Susanooku grabs Gas in his hands, and CHUCKS HIM INTO ORBIT!! With his attack ready; Granolah is mix đồ sộ fire at Gas with all his might. Problem: His eye isn’t all healed up quite yet- he can’t see đồ sộ aim. Thankfully he didn’t abandon Oatmeel this time; they help him aim and fire the blast.

The resulting blow back is catastrophic- the lights ví brilliant that it’s almost blinding, and the explosions enough đồ sộ cause a typhoon that envelops the planet! Goku and Vegeta aren’t even able đồ sộ stand up in the wind; Granolah has đồ sộ catch them and hold them in place. It also wakes up Oil and Macki, watch alongside Granolah as Gas hurtles towards the ground. But Granolah confirms that he didn’t kill him- Gas is alive(for how much longer is undetermined).

Granolah says that he’s “over” getting revenge; it just causes more problems than vãn it solves. But he tells the Heeters đồ sộ take Gas and never come đồ sộ Cereal again. And he apologizes đồ sộ the Saiyans for his behavior. Thus; Dragon Ball Super Chapter 86 END!! Coulda happened a few months ago. But the Toei Hack and all, and “Super Hero’s” delay. Meh, whatever.

I guess you could say he’s………. Out of Gas?


……………….. Not very much đồ sộ talk about with this chapter. Other than vãn the fact that Gas and Granolah have made it out of this arc alive. Which fans- myself included– have speculated could be due đồ sộ Toyotaro trying đồ sộ mix up a Second Tournament Of Power! He did not care about the original- maybe it was his editor at the time rushing him; him trying đồ sộ get it done because they needed đồ sộ move one after the anime already showed us how it would go; or maybe his heart just wasn’t in it; it was clear that he was not at all invested in that arc. Though he did a better job with Jiren than vãn the anime did.

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And then you have all the recent happenings. Broly; Moro’s rampage; the events of Super hero; and this. Is Toyotaro planning another T.O.P.? He’s making a pretty good roster for it:

  1. Goku
  2. Vegeta
  3. Gohan
  4. Piccolo
  5. Broly
  6. Granolah
  7. Merus(Now A Mortal, ví he can compete)
  8. Frieza
  9. ?
  10. ?

If he’s doing the mix up; he needs đồ sộ fill those last 2 slots. People have thrown out Goten and Trunks as options; now that they’re older, maybe they’ll finally be able to- I don’t knowDO SH!T?! They could also bring back Android 17 if they really wanted; he did win the whole thing. And the anime made him one of the teams “M.V.P.’s” along with Frieza and weirdly enough Roshi. Or maybe they’ll even use Buu this time.

And then you also have the options from the Galactic Patrol Prison. Perhaps a “Suicide Squad” type of situation for characters lượt thích Quitor, or Yunba, the girls, and characters that we may have seen, but didn’t see enough of. And I’m certain the Heeter’s would jump at the chance đồ sộ make a giảm giá with such powerful characters. Though that depends on how much longer Gas has left; because of what he did đồ sộ get this far- he should have even less time than vãn Granolah. Like; maybe not even Weeks. I don’t know what Toyotaro plans đồ sộ tự about him, but he’s alive right now, so……………

No Spoilers for “Super Hero…………..” yet. But I definitely think that that movie provides a few more options for the team- if they are indeed building đồ sộ that.

They will, though……..

Other than vãn that; Granolah’s character development was pretty good. He’s over his whole “revenge” thing(a h#ll of a lot sooner than vãn Sasuke, that’s for sure), meaning the only use for this power would be for protecting the planet from characters lượt thích Frieza and the Heeters. Though that’s if he chooses đồ sộ keep it. Yeah, I’m saying that Granolah might not want this power anymore- that he may kết thúc up undoing the wish ví that he can get his life back, and reach this level the proper way…………

Through this experience; he’s learned that about the “Cycle Of Hatred-” killing Gas here would have made the Heeter’s his full time enemies rather than vãn a nuisance in his life. And that’ll just kết thúc up endangering Monaito, Oatmeel, the Sugarians, and the planet itself- the last reminder of what his life once was. So instead of choosing đồ sộ kill Gas; he chose đồ sộ let him live đồ sộ see the consequences of his multiple sacrifices. Seriously- Gas is going đồ sộ die if they don’t tự something soon. But now; Maki and Oil genuinely have no beef with Granolah anymore.

But they have PLENTY that they probably want đồ sộ say đồ sộ Elec right now. They’ve seen first hand how many times Elec pushed Gas- how far Gas went đồ sộ prove his worth đồ sộ Elec. And now that they know; I don’t think they’re gonna continue đồ sộ obey him anymore. Or at least not for much longer. Which could lead into their own character development, and maybe development for Elec. I don’t know what they would do- I just know that they’re now going đồ sộ be out there in Universe 7.

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She can go back đồ sộ Zuno; I don’t know what’ll become of Oil.

…………………………. Not really much đồ sộ say. Although I don’t think this arc is fully over yet. We’ve still got 73 waiting in the wings- over there with his ability đồ sộ copy characters powers and techniques. You know; maybe Elec’s plan was đồ sộ make Gas as strong as possible, but knowing there was a consequence made him think of using 73 đồ sộ copy Gas at his absolute strongest and have Super Android with endless stamina that would be their bodyguard and copy information they need. SOMETHING LIKE THAT? Or was that just a cheap way đồ sộ segway into the next arc?


………….. I don’t have anything more đồ sộ say about this chapter. It was good and all, but it isn’t telling us what comes next; it’s simply the conclusion of the battle. Any mix up and teasing of what comes next comes in next month’s chapter of “Dragon Ball Super!!” Which maybe-not-so-coincidentally comes out the same day as the dub for “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” in North American Theaters.

Hopefully next month gives us a “Shocking Development” that had a few chapters đồ sộ build up!! Please give us something good, Toyotaro; you were put in charge for a reason! That’s all I got for the lot of ya today, dudes and dudettes. Wow, I can’t believe I just said that…. Meh; whatever!! I’m kind of a “Cringe Lord!” Until next time, duckies- Have A Wonderful Day. By~~~~~e!!!!