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Anya Forger[]

Tonitrus Bolt

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Loid and Anya go trang chủ together

Loid and Anya are heading for home

Loid's daughter, whom he adopted vĩ đại have her attend Eden Academy. He picked her up from a run-down orphanage after witnessing her solve a crossword puzzle by herself (which she accomplished by reading his mind). Although he initially viewed Anya as a nuisance and expendable, he quickly became protective of her when she reminded him of his motivation for becoming a spy and sympathized with her desire vĩ đại have a family.

Loid admits he can’t understand Anya

Loid's periodic difficulties with understanding Anya

Loid is often disappointed by Anya's performance at school and wishes she would spend more time studying and less time watching cartoons. He does his best vĩ đại help her with her studies and is visibly disheartened when she fails. Loid also struggles vĩ đại act lượt thích what he believes is a good, normal father and makes serious attempts vĩ đại understand her, although her unpredictable nature never fails vĩ đại surprise him. Regardless, he tries treating her lượt thích any good father would by caring for her, gifting her toys and rewards (which she treasures very much), and is sincerely proud of her whenever she succeeds, even becoming relaxed and physically exhausted for the first time after she passed her entrance exams. While having a conversation with Donovan Desmond, Loid admits that he has a difficult time trying vĩ đại understand Anya's actions and behaviors, but he still acknowledges her and is willing vĩ đại make the effort vĩ đại bởi ví, regardless of how things will work out.

Anya and Loid enjoy Yor’s meal

Father and daughter together

Almost everything Loid does for Anya up vĩ đại this point has been justified for Operation Strix. Even on their cruise vacation, he considered it part of the mission. However, Loid openly cares for Anya's wellbeing, vĩ đại the point that he becomes visibly enraged, despite usually having a calm and controlled demeanor. This is displayed when Edgar kidnaps her vĩ đại lure him out or when Murdoch Swan provokes her during their entrance interview for Eden. He scolded Anya for running off on her own during the incident with the bombing terrorists before sincerely asking if she was harmed in any way. After leaving Anya back at the daycare in order vĩ đại disarm the bombs loaded across the Princess Lorelei, Loid expressed deep regret over the fact he has vĩ đại leave his family behind vĩ đại avert a crisis when he came back vĩ đại pick her up, despite the emergency. When Loid heard about Anya's bus getting hijacked, he quickly rushed over from his mission vĩ đại help her.

While he has off-handedly mentioned that he sometimes feels Anya can read his mind, Loid is currently unaware of her true nature as a telepath.

Yor Forger[]

Loid proposes vĩ đại Yor

Loid proposes vĩ đại Yor

Loid's wife, whom he married as part of Operation Strix. The two first meet at the tailor cửa hàng while Loid gets Anya measured, and he is surprised Yor was able vĩ đại sneak up behind him. Needing a wife for Anya's admission interview, Loid considers Yor for the role but decides not vĩ đại. Yor approaches Loid vĩ đại ask him vĩ đại be her pretend boyfriend for a tiệc ngọt. Loid agrees on the condition that Yor be Anya's mother for the interview. Loid initially planned vĩ đại have Yor agree into a formal marriage after this request, but was later surprised when she made the proposal first.

The two agree vĩ đại be in a cover marriage as it benefitted both of them in the long run rẩy while keeping the actual reasons from each other. Although married, they bởi not share a room or bed unless they have guests over, for which they share a room for appearances. Loid, being a great spy, tries vĩ đại keep his emotions out of his work vĩ đại prevent becoming attached vĩ đại Yor. He treats her lượt thích any good husband would, taking her on dates when she is down and even covering for her inability vĩ đại cook. However, he justifies these actions for the sake of his mission.

Loid assures Yor

Loid tells Yor vĩ đại be herself

Although Loid has made it clear that he has no romantic feelings towards Yor, he respects and appreciates her as a person and for her role and assistance in the Forger family. Whenever Yor is feeling insecure about being a mother and a wife for the family, Loid always assures her that she is part of the family, saying she can just be herself and that Anya is as safe and happy as she is because of her presence. He notes at one point that he plans vĩ đại make sure both Yor and Anya will be properly provided for by WISE once his work is finished and will try his best vĩ đại follow up on them once his mission is over. When Yor unexpectedly befriends his target's wife, Loid believes that while beneficial for him, putting a civilian in danger for the sake of his mission is unacceptable, and he will be ready vĩ đại protect Yor if things go south.

Unlike his past targets and those he got close vĩ đại for his missions, Loid appears vĩ đại be much closer and more emotionally invested with Anya and Yor. When Murdoch Swan verbally offended Yor and Anya during their interview with Eden Academy, Loid displayed an unexplained fury intense enough vĩ đại break a table and wounded his fist, despite only knowing them for a few days and how his actions could endanger his mission and Fiona has also noticed that Loid, a master of kém chất lượng smiles, leaks a tiny bit of genuine emotion when he is with Yor and Anya.

Anya thinks that Loid and Yor are flirting

Anya thinks that Loid and Yor are flirting

Loid has also lowered his guard around Yor on multiple instances, such as when he was surprised that she knocked him out for the first time in years and found himself sleeping comfortably on her lap. When Yor expressed her insecurity about only being strong, Loid opens up vĩ đại her about his mother and how he felt safe around her because she too was also strong. He lightly blushed when Anya thought the two were flirting and awkwardly withdrew his hand after accidentally touching Yor's while cleaning a mess on the table, despite being unfazed at seducing or using women's affection for him vĩ đại his benefit in past assignments.

Yor welcomes Loid home

Yor welcomes Loid home

Yor has emerged as a pivotal factor contributing vĩ đại Loid's recent decline in his espionage capabilities. Her presence frequently infiltrates his thoughts during missions, causing moments of distraction. In the pursuit of Winston Wheeler, this internal conflict led vĩ đại multiple instances of hesitation, particularly in his fight with Yuri, in which he was found disguised as the young man. Knowing how Yor would be affected if she lost her brother, Loid spared Yuri's life after beating him. Upon his return vĩ đại the Forger residence, Loid's physical and emotional exhaustion, especially after having trouble with Yor earlier, culminated in his collapse on the floor when she welcomed him trang chủ with a smile. Yor's comforting words served as a balm vĩ đại his wearied spirit. In this vulnerable moment, Yor expresses her desire for Loid vĩ đại rely on her more and vĩ đại acknowledge his imperfections and tells him that it is okay if he is not perfect. Yor's reassurance provided him solace, even though he remains cognizant of the unforgiving nature of his chosen path—a world where imperfection could potentially endanger his life.

Loid's reminiscence of his commitment vĩ đại this perilous life, undertaken vĩ đại safeguard individuals lượt thích Yor, adds depth vĩ đại his complex motivations and underscores the profound significance of their relationship in shaping his choices and actions.

Loid is currently unaware of Yor's secret job as an assassin.

Bond Forger[]

Loid and Bond complete the mission

Loid and Bond complete the mission

Loid treats Bond as part of the Forger family, taking him on walks and cooking his food. After hearing Bond helped Anya, he thanks him for saving his daughter while petting him. In a mission vĩ đại infiltrate and steal a Gerrulimus sample from Born Industries, they have demonstrated great teamwork and Loid expresses great gratitude towards Bond for his assistance by planning vĩ đại fix a special dinner for him. He assumed that Bond wanted vĩ đại aid him in order vĩ đại get revenge for the way they mistreated him and his friends when in actuality, he wanted Loid vĩ đại prepare his food due vĩ đại having a vision that his potential death is caused by consuming Yor's cooking.

Loid warns Bond vĩ đại be careful

Loid warns Bond vĩ đại be careful

Loid was initially strict towards Bond, hoping vĩ đại train him as a guard dog for the family. After working together vĩ đại save a puppy from the burning building and catching the arsonist responsible, they become closer. Loid realizes that it is more important for Bond vĩ đại see himself as a thành viên of the family, showing more patience and care with him and asking him vĩ đại value himself more.[1]

Loid is currently unaware of Bond's psychic powers, and in instances where Bond has used them, Loid has attributed it vĩ đại Bond's good nose or his great instincts. As far as Loid knows, Bond is the only one in the family who knows he is a spy and has accompanied him on a mission.

Yuri Briar[]

Yuri meets Loid

Yuri meets Loid

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Loid and Yuri have a very complicated relationship, as Yuri is jealous of Loid for being his sister's husband without being told, while Loid has vĩ đại be careful not vĩ đại reveal his true identity as Twilight since discovering that Yuri is part of the Secret Police. Loid always stays on guard when he is with Yuri but also tends vĩ đại be soft with him as he knows that Yuri was the only person who supported and loved Yor for ví long. While able vĩ đại tolerate him, Loid tends vĩ đại get annoyed by Yuri's crazy antics whenever he drops by their trang chủ.

Loid is not able vĩ đại kill Yuri

Loid's hesitation when confronting Yuri

Perhaps because of how important Yuri is vĩ đại Yor and his relationship with her, how it could affect his cover, or having grown some fondness toward him, Loid appears vĩ đại in some way care about Yuri. This is shown during Loid's mission vĩ đại capture agent Winston Wheeler. Shaking off SSS agents on his tail, Loid hesitates vĩ đại shoot Yuri when encountering him in the sewers and seeing his terrified face. After Yuri shoots him, Loid scolds himself and questions why he hesitated. During their fight, Loid was holding back against Yuri, but after discovering how durable and persistent Yuri was, decided vĩ đại keep him down for good. Before Loid could make a final hit, he heard Yuri muttering an apology vĩ đại Yor. This caused Loid vĩ đại stop himself once again and walk away with an incredibly low expression.[2]

After Loid returns trang chủ from capturing Wheeler, Yuri drops by and notices that Loid's arm appears injured and checks him for any wounds. While he took precautions and concealed his wound beforehand, Loid remembers that he must not underestimate Yuri and reminds himself that once a seed of doubt is placed, especially in someone as dangerous vĩ đại him as Yuri, he is as good as dead, and makes a point vĩ đại avoid any needless interactions with him.[3]

Loid's Mother[]

Twilight runs vĩ đại hug his mother

Young Loid with his mother

Even though Loid barely has any memories of his mother's face, he still remembers the comforting moments he spent with her while hiding from the enemy attacks. Loid was doted on deeply by his mother, who would always comfort him and was even considered vĩ đại be spoiling him by her husband. It is implied that the young Loid found his mother's corpse after they were attacked by an air raid. This sự kiện greatly impacted Loid as it was what orphaned him and led him vĩ đại join the war against Ostania in order vĩ đại avenge her and everyone he cared about. Loid deeply cares and misses her from time vĩ đại time, as he tells Yor that his mother was strong lượt thích her, and even remembers her voice when Yor sings the lullaby that was sung vĩ đại him when he was only a boy.[4]

Loid's Father[]

It is shown that Loid's father was a very strict and strong-willed man and was sometimes harsh towards him, preventing him from playing with toy weapons and hanging out with his friends out of his desire for Loid vĩ đại become studious. Loid also mentioned that despite all his talks about peace, he constantly fought with his mother. However, this was shown vĩ đại be from a good place as he wanted Loid vĩ đại think for himself and choose peace over conflict.

Twilight lies vĩ đại his dad

Young Loid lies vĩ đại his father

Like many children, Loid and his friends were naively engrossed with the action and adventure aspects of war, often playing war games among themselves. His father was shown vĩ đại be a down-to-earth, rational man who not only understood the true horrors that war would entail but that they were mostly built on lies and propaganda. He notably smacked and chastised Loid for wanting vĩ đại join the army ví he could "kill all those awful monsters from the east," pointing out that he had no idea if the Ostanians actually were monsters and that he should wish for peace above all else, sternly pushing him vĩ đại think of his studies and future. Loid, however, was too young vĩ đại understand and simply saw his father as oppressive and obstinate. However, he was also shown vĩ đại have moments of kindness, as he seemed vĩ đại trust Loid implicitly and offered vĩ đại take him vĩ đại a fair when he returned from work and happily handed him pocket money after Loid lied about needing it for a reference book for school without question.

Loid himself loved his father dearly despite often disagreeing with him. He felt tremendous guilt and shame for tricking his father into giving him money vĩ đại buy war toys, which he was vehemently opposed vĩ đại. His guilt was ví great that despite wanting the toys for ages ví his friends would not make fun of his makeshift ones, he left the second he arrived at their play spot, never playing with them once. To make matters worse, Loid lying vĩ đại his father was their last interaction before he was lost in the war.

During Loid's time fighting in the war, he was obsessed with avenging the deaths of his friends and family by killing as many Ostanian troops as he could. This changed after his encounter with Franky, an Ostanian deserter, during which Loid, as his father once inquired of him, sat and talked with him, which allowed Franky vĩ đại point out vĩ đại him the unnecessary bloodshed the war was causing. As the conversation escalated into Loid attempting vĩ đại shoot Franky, he was reminded of his father's words, asking him if he knew anything about the Ostanians. While Loid believed he had the answer vĩ đại his father's question, he was hesitant vĩ đại pull the trigger on Franky. Upon becoming a spy and realizing his goal, Loid, whether intentionally following his father's aspirations or not, chooses vĩ đại maintain peace and prevent another war, which he is actively working toward in his current mission.[5]


Sylvia Sherwood[]

Loid accepts Sylvia's gamble

Loid and Sylvia have a bet

Sylvia is Twilight's handler and primary liên hệ for WISE. They largely have a professional relationship based on a common interest in preventing war and their similar experiences from the war. He does not have a very positive view of her, as Sylvia, who prizes his talents, assigns him lots of extra missions, and he believes she would harshly reject his request for a vacation if he asked. Loid even refuses vĩ đại address the price tag hanging on her disguise out of fear of her reputation.

Sylvia remembers her trainings with Twilight

Sylvia's mentoring of Loid in the past

When he first joined Westalian Intelligence, Sylvia was his new commanding officer and was responsible for training him into a first-rate spy. Her extremely strict practices resulted in Loid having a fear of her, vĩ đại the point of having nightmares of their training together.[5] In addition vĩ đại their strong relationship of trust, both empathize with each other due vĩ đại their shared experiences from the war. Each time they meet for a briefing, they run rẩy a massive danger of being discovered, which also risks Operation Strix.

Fiona Frost[]

Loid and Fiona in the past

Loid had trained Fiona in the past

Fiona Frost, aka Nightfall, is an agent from WISE and was Twilight's former trainee. Once in their training, he instructed her vĩ đại "bury her emotions deep," advice that she took vĩ đại heart. Fiona is madly in love with Twilight and believes she should be the perfect role as "Mrs. Forger" in place of Yor, though Twilight seems vĩ đại be unaware of these feelings, only seeing her as a fellow agent with an ambition vĩ đại make a name for herself. While he sees her as a good spy, he deems her an unfit candidate for Anya's mother due vĩ đại her overly strict upbringing and cold demeanor. Being her former mentor, Twilight looks out for Nightfall and will try vĩ đại phối her straight if she pushes herself too hard on a mission. When the two work together, they work very much in sync and can take on any obstacle, no matter the disadvantage.

Loid carries Fiona

Loid carrying Fiona

Near the kết thúc of their mission vĩ đại capture Winston Wheeler, upon realizing that Fiona risked her life vĩ đại protect him and observing her apparent frustration over his perceived defeat vĩ đại Wheeler, Loid acknowledges a decline in his espionage skills. He hints that this loss of edge could be attributed vĩ đại something else, though he conceals this truth by providing an alternative reason. As they prepare vĩ đại depart from the sewers, Loid carries Fiona on his back due vĩ đại her injuries. When Fiona asserts that she can manage vĩ đại walk (with only one foot), Loid refutes her claim, telling her that she is pushing herself too hard and reiterates that her actions could result in herself killed.

Franky Franklin[]

Twilight and Franky meet for the first time

Loid and Franky's first meeting during the war

One of Twilight's informants and close co-workers. They had previously met during the war as soldiers on opposing sides. Loid almost killed Franky after the man wandered into his trap but spared him after hearing Franky's amusing reason for wanting vĩ đại live. During their conversation, Franky spoke about how pointless the war was, which devolved into an argument after Loid's destroyed hometown was brought up. Their dispute exposed their location vĩ đại Ostanian soldiers, and the two went their separate ways after escaping. After Loid's short-lived reunion with his childhood friends, Franky's words about not knowing the truth impacted him deeply.[5]

Episode 1-2

Franky joking with Loid

In the present, besides giving him information for his missions, Franky often helps with various chores, including taking care of Anya, Bond, or both when Loid and Yor are not trang chủ. On most occasions, however, Franky does not help for miễn phí. Although Loid denies that he and Franky are friends, Loid does have a friendly relationship with Franky, even accepting his request vĩ đại help him get a date with a woman he had a crush on despite it not benefitting him and consoling him after he fails. Due vĩ đại the nature of their jobs, they agree that they cannot have feelings for other people, although neither actually follows this.

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WISE Agent[]

WISE Agent teases Loid

The Agent teases Loid

Both are fellow co-workers, working together in field missions, assisting him constantly across Ostania. He often teases Loid about his double life, remarking that it must be hard for him vĩ đại balance parenthood and his mission, joking that he showed up for nothing after the Red Circus bus hijacking crisis was resolved without the need of the SSS strike team they infiltrated, and suggesting that Loid should comfort Anya as they watched her and Yor reunite.[6]

After defeating Winston, the agent invites Loid vĩ đại go out for some drinks.